How a Search Engine Optimization Specialist Can Write Great PPC Ad Copy

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.25.2012


As a search engine optimization specialist, you’ll have to understand what exactly attracts a consumer’s attention and motivates them to go to your site. The ad copy of your PPC campaign offers a brief opportunity to do just that in order to get a high amount of traffic and generate revenue.


Split testing is a common way to determine the effectiveness of your ad copy, yet another, even quicker way to do it is to evaluate your competition. In order to do that, you’ll have to determine who your competitor is truly and establish what is called “perceived value.”


A decent search engine optimization specialist knows that PPC ad copy includes: a perceived value, credibility, call to action, risk reduction and qualifiers. Qualifiers are the little details to make your ad copy stand out, such as using all-caps or unusual punctuation.


You will first have to figure out what elements your competitors are using. There is a basic process to uncover this information.


First, pick a very broad keyword for your industry, such as “car insurance.” Which of your competitors appear on top of the list? Take those top competitors and assemble a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet will be broken down into several columns, including all of the features of an ad copy mentioned above, as well as any additional stand out qualities.


See this template as your cheat sheet to what you’re competitors are doing right. Take a look at what your top competitors have in common in terms of their ad copy. Do your top three competitors all list credibility, such as “Rated #1” or “Listed as Top 10 Best So-and-So”? If this is the case, you may choose to copy this aspect, yet doing so may clutter the search results and you might not end up on top. Instead, focus on some of the less common elements amongst your top competitors.


For instance, if your top competitors don’t have much in the way of risk reduction or perceived value, you’ll want to place emphasis on one or both of those in your own ad copy.


Putting keywords into Google search is a good method of determining who your competitors are, yet it isn’t the only method. With the Adwords Auction Insights tool, you can see which of your competitors is most often on top of keyword searches in a specific vertical. You may be surprised by the results and find that you overlooked a key competitor.


Perceived value is an important factor for any good PPC ad copy. Perceived value is essentially defined as making consumers feel like they’re getting a good deal (even if they might not be). There is a need for consumers to shop smart and feel smart at the end of a purchase. Consumers constantly ask themselves whether a specific product will be worth the consideration and money. Credibility also interlaces with perceived value, as it reinforces its value with a “Rated #1” byline.


To create great PPC ad copy, you can use an alternate method of sizing up your competition and changing your game plan in accordance to what they’re doing.

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