How A Web Search Engine And An Internet Agency Can Increase What Your Site Is Offering For Customers

lolajane, Staff Writer October 7, 2009

An advertising agency offering Internet search engine optimization can benefit an online business in a number of ways. The most important of these benefits is that it increases web site traffic by ranking it higher within search engines. By using a few keywords or phrases, you can increase the relevance score that your site is judged by when an individual into a search engine types those specific keywords.

There are two different types of web traffic: organic and artificial. The organic, or natural, traffic derives from unpaid sources such as search engines, guides, or people just typing in the web address. Artificial traffic comes from paid advertising such as pay per click ads, banners, and other links that direct a prospect to the site.


An Internet web agency can provide for both of these types of increases. Top organic sites however, receive the most amount of traffic. The higher a particular search engine ranks the page, the more likely it is to be clicked. Studies have shown that the first organic site listed on a search engine usually draws between five and ten percent of the total amount of hits for a certain keyword. The links following the top natural link receive a shrinking fraction of the clicks. Due to this reason, webmasters strive to have their sites ranked as high as naturally possible.


An agency for Internet search engine optimization will oftentimes stage a two pronged method of trying to increase hits to a web site. Between maximizing organic traffic and increasing artificial commercial traffic, these agencies attempt to help you hit your goal of quality traffic. Just because organic traffic accounts for the majority of web traffic does not mean that it is superior. Artificial traffic can be just as rewarding. People usually click on a link because they want more information on a subject. A well-positioned banner for your product on a related site can instantly boost your web traffic. For example, if someone is looking for information on a beauty product, they may go to a site that gives beauty advice. If you have paid that site for advertising, you could have a banner placed on the site advertising your products. Because people are already interested in what you have to offer, your traffic will be more likely to make a purchase.


A simple way to increase your traffic is to register it with popular search engines. For a fee, your site will automatically be included in that search engine’s results pages, the relevance determined by the relationship to keywords typed in by prospects and the text of your pages. Because there is such a huge amount of literature on the internet, it may takes weeks for a search engine to index your pages, but it will greatly increase the amount of organic traffic that your site sees.

Artificial traffic can be manifested through a few different types of advertising. Bulk emails are very popular, as are pop up adds. Both of these types of advertising are considered annoyances, but they have been proven effective. You can also pay to have your site appear on search engine results prior to the natural hits. Google provides this service, as do many other sites. Pay per click ads also will run down the side of the screen and appear in conjunction with the natural hits.


Search engine optimization does have a downside. If you merely list links and keywords so as to artificially direct traffic to your site, search engines may block your site due to spamdexing (a combination of the words spamming and indexing). Search engines will often hunt these perpetrators out so as to remove the links from their databases. The methods employed by spammers ruin the search engine experience for those that want legitimate traffic at their web site.


A marketing agency can have profound effects upon an Internet business. Because of an agency, Internet engines can greatly increase your company’s sales. Whether it is natural or artificial, an increase in traffic means an increase in sales. Because indexing takes such a long time, artificial advertising is a better short-term solution. Not only does it get your site’s information out almost immediately, it promises a higher percentage of quality hits. Quality hits can be defined as a prospect that clicks on your link with the intention of making a purchase.


In order to harness artificial traffic, you may choose to enlist the help of a marketing agency. Internet agencies can do anything from advertising and marketing to completely redesigning your business’s online presence. Of course, the more in depth you get, the more you will be charged. In theory, this should not matter since the more an agency does for you, the more, hopefully, money you will be making due to increased web traffic. The agency will monitor the total number of visitors to your site, the amount of traffic per hour, the number of page views per visitor, and the length of the average stay at your web site. You to make the necessary changes to the site in order to maximize sales can then use these numbers. For example, you may notice that the average prospect stays at your site for 3 minutes. In those three minutes, there are five page visits. If you keep seeing the same pages visited, you will know to include important content within those five pages. Your most popular pages should have the most amounts of sale related items on it in order to make the purchasing process as easy and pain free as possible.


Search engine marketing attempts to make a site as relevant as possible to the search conducted. If the individual behind the search clicks on the link, regardless of whether it is a natural or artificial link, they need a few things in order to make a purchase. The first is ease of use. If the web site is hard to find things on, no purchase will be made. The second condition is trustworthiness. Although, searchers are more likely to trust organic links, a sale is a sale. You will want to make your site as professional and as business like as possible. Internet Web Agencies can be found by searching the Internet or your local phone book.

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