How an Affordable SEO Company Can Prepare For Webinars

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.31.2012




Online webinars can be supremely helpful to an affordable SEO company in enhancing your online presence. However, if your business is just starting out, running a webinar off the bat can seem truly intimidating. Fear not, as running your own webinar isn’t nearly as hard and doesn’t require as many resources as you might imagine.


In case your affordable SEO company knows little about webinars, we’ll give a basic rundown: webinars are essentially online presentations. They’re much like seminars, except the presentation isn’t physically in-person, but can be watched from the convenience of your laptop connected to the Internet.  Webinars have been proven to have very high conversion rates, more than many other marketing methods.


The basic items you will need to start a webinar are a web conferencing service, a list of prospective clients you want to reach out to, and the information they’re after. Examples of well-lauded web conferencing services include Infinite Conferencing, InterCall, ClickMeeting, GoToMeeting, among others.


The benefits of webinars go beyond just conversion rates and sales numbers. Webinars have stood as one of the most effective ways to get in touch, one-on-one, with your audience. It’s highly effective for your client to have a question and to see you answering them, in the flesh. It shows that you care and it creates a great impression and a lasting relationship. Also, because webinars are one-time events that can be replay, you create a time commitment for your clients as well as your clients making a time commitment to you. Those who commit to you in such a way will likely become your customers or investors.


There’s hardly any limit as to what you can do with webinars. You can include PowerPoint presentations, screenshots from your computer, invite people to call in, and conduct instant surveys.


In getting started with your webinar, you first have to think about what you want to talk about. Listen to your clients and take note of any common threads that come up in various discussions on your website.


After you figure out what the topic of your webinar will be, you’ll have to determine what kind of tools you’ll be using to explain your point, such as a PowerPoint presentation or a survey.


The next thing on your agenda will be to find a web conferencing service. Webcasting allows for the broadcasting of audio and video for larger events, whereas web conferencing is used for smaller groups and is thus far more interactive. Decide which method is the right one for your purposes. Although there are a few free services, most web conferencing tools will charge you for their services. Check your budget before opting for one service.


You’ll need to promote your webinar if you want anyone to participate. You would promote your webinar in much the same way you would for anything else you advertise: with the help of paid advertising, blogging, social media publishing and forums. Pushing this event to membership or subscriber list is probably one of the best ways to get people to participate, as these subscribers are likely already interested.


Webinars are far simpler to prepare for than a newbie might imagine it would be. Once you get your webinars off the ground and on the right path, it could become an extremely profitable venture.

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