How an Optimization Company Can Build Links Effectively

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.16.2012


If you work within an optimization company, there’s no doubt that links bring body and quality to your content; not to mention that good links are just the thing that search engines look for in a quality website. Clearly, high quality link building has always been a distinct and vital method of marketing ever since SEO began.

The real kicker about link building, however, is that there’s no one way to go about creating quality links. In fact, some methods of link building may become obsolete after search engine updates, and new methods need to be explored. Nonetheless, there are some link building methods that still work and have worked for years.


Whether you’re just starting out in link building or are a veteran, there are several basic rules to link building that add to the backbone of your link building campaign. Here is just a handful:


  • Contact the webmaster, whether by email or phone, and ask for a link to your site. If you opt to send an email, personalize it so that it isn’t just another piece of junk mail for the webmaster to ignore. Also, make sure the webmaster you are contacting has a website with content that’s similar to your own. Examine the site before you contact the webmaster and make sure that links can be accommodated.


  • Search the web with your desired keywords for potential sources for links. Don’t pursue a link from just any site, however, as Google and other search engines have become more sophisticated in weeding out bad links from hacked or spam websites. Thus, look through the site very carefully to see that all the links are legitimate


  • If a webmaster denies your request for a link, ask why. The webmaster may have uncovered an error, which is great to know, especially if you can fix it.


What is becoming more and more vital for building great links is making your own high-quality content. People are attracted most to high-quality content and stands as the number one reason they’ll come back for more. If you’re not giving useful information to the masses, than another content provider will, thus taking crucial traffic away from your site.
The key to content creation is writing and writing often. Even if you don’t think you’re a very good writer, or even very keen on a particular subject, research it and write it. The more you practice writing, the better at it you’ll be.


Make sure, also, that your writing is something no one else has published before, or has an entire new spin on a popular subject. Your unique style will grab the attention of your readers. Blogs in particular are great for this, as you can write follow-up articles that elaborate further and expand upon a subject of interest.


One of the tougher methods to creating content is promoting it. There are several methods your optimization company can pursue:


  • Try using social media sites, such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, to announce new content.
  • Announce live events on your website and social media pages.
  • Introduce yourself to other content creators, even helping them out with their links.


Acquiring links, creating content and promoting it are all great methods to building great links and funneling more traffic to your website.

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