How an SEO Company Can Tweet to Get More Traffic

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 8.29.2012


Ever since its advent in 2006, Twitter has grown in a monster of a social networking site, boosting over 500 million users as of 2012. Twitter allows for users to write short public messages. While many members use Twitter to make mundane personal observations (“Had French toast and bacon for breakfast, yummy!”), other businesses and SEO advertising companies have been trying to take advantage of Twitter as a stellar marketing tool. And it can work for your business, if you tweet properly.

Knowing how to tweet effectively for your marketing campaign will help enhance your online presence and allow more customers to gravitate towards your business, as many SEO companies can attest to.

Twitter already only allows for messages that are 140 characters or more, yet one rule of thought in this case should nonetheless be “the smaller, the better.” Write tweets less than 100 characters. Studies have shown that the smaller the message, the more effective it is on Twitter. Shorter, to-the-point posts will also have a higher chance of being re-tweeted, which will only further enhance your SEO campaign.

Hashtags can be helpful for others to search for your posts, but you should use them carefully and sparingly for your business or SEO company. Overusing them will raise red flags and appear spammy, which will other make you lose traffic. Use Webmaster Tools to see which keywords people respond to in relation to your business. Something as simple and general as #insurance, if that’s your industry, could be effective.

Tweets should be written much like a call to action, in that they should provide the maximum amount of impact in the fewest amount of words. Write your tweets like attention-grabbing headlines, along with a link that goes back to your landing page. If you’re still a little unfamiliar with Twitter-speak within your business, take a look at your competitors to see how they use their tweets. See if you can’t mimic their method of tweeting.

Having a Twitter account shouldn’t always be about selling something. You should also be building relationships and building a network. Include other helpful resources and interesting articles to your tweets and get people hooked.

A common problem among veteran tweeters is that some just don’t know when they’re tweeting too much. It’s important especially for businesses to know when to tweet and how often. You can even set up a tweeting schedule, but first you’ll need to find out at what time is most effective for your tweets. A free Twitter tool, Tweroid, allows you to check out when the best time of day to tweet for maximum results would be.

Many businesses on Twitter don’t put too much consideration on where to place their link in their tweets. Most simply put the link last, which has become something of a standard for most Twitterers. Reports have shown, however, that this practice does not product the best results or conversion rates. Indeed, studies have shown that actually placing your link within the first quarter of your tweet will be the most beneficial for your potential click-through rates.

Twitter can be a great way to get your brand’s voice out there on a massive marketplace, but only if you can utilize the tools you have at your disposal correctly.

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