How an SEO Company USA Can Get LinkedIn Recommendations

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.31.2012


A recommendation on LinkedIn is a testimonial written by another user in regards to your work performance, attributes and professional abilities. Recommendations can be very effective in moving future employers to take a closer look at your profile, as a good reputation in LinkedIn – as well as in the professional real world – means everything, as any SEO company USA will attest to. Recommendations set you apart from the rest of your fellow LinkedIn users.


The fact is you need recommendations, especially if you use LinkedIn and intend to use it towards promoting your career. Nowadays, however, recommendations have become very commonplace, to the point where it has become a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” thing. Although many people have rendered recommendations meaningless because they are so common, you’ll still suffer all the more without a recommendation. Your profile will look like a void without a recommendation.


Employers also consider the number of recommendations given on a LinkedIn account as a part of the filtering process for prospective employees. Some employers don’t hire professionals who have less than ten recommendations to their name, which seems like a shocking high number. They see recommendations as identical to professional references, and they feel you aren’t that serious about your job search if you don’t go out of your way to get these recommendations. Your recommendations help brand your name.


The one and perhaps only way to get recommendations is to ask. If you wait for someone to offer to write a LinkedIn recommendation, prepare to wait for a very long time, as this doesn’t happen often.


It’s a common practice to go out and ask for a recommendation, so there’s no need to be too shy about it. However, you should only ask people you’ve known for a while and have worked with in the past. If you simply ask anyone and everyone, your recommendations won’t mean anything. If you know any top industry people or influential people, ask them especially. Asking people who are very active on LinkedIn will give your recommendations meaning.


When asking for a recommendation, make sure to personalize it to the person you’re asking. Doing it by phone is more recommended than email, yet if you must do it by email, make sure to not use a template. The best time to ask is when you’ve finished a project with another person, so that your work habits and personality are still fresh in their mind. You can also offer to write a recommendation for that person in exchange.


Make sure the recommendation that’s written up about you is short and straightforward. It should clearly state what you did for the recommender and your contributions to the project, not just general characteristics.


A professional at an SEO company USA will tell you that real recommendations are worth a lot more than a blurb from a person you barely know. So be sure your recommendations sound authentic and original, and in turn be sure to also write personalized recommendations to pay the favor.


Getting recommendations on your LinkedIn profile is important if you want to be taken seriously by employers on LinkedIn.

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