How an SEO Marketing Company Can Start a Facebook Account

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.31.2012




Facebook is no longer the social networking site is started out as. Indeed, Facebook went from a casual social networking site between casual friends to a business opportunity that allows for advertising, interaction and targeting of specific audiences based on personal information users elect to give out to an SEO marketing company. As a startup SEO marketing company, you can’t deny that bolstering your presence on Facebook presents some tremendous marketing opportunities.


Keep in mind that Facebook will not replace any of the current marketing strategies and campaigns you have underway, yet implementing a Facebook page and account will give your startup and extra boost of exposure to the audience you want to target. Your prospective targets are very likely to be members of Facebook, so having a Facebook page will keep you closer to the people you are targeting. There are several very effective tips that startups can use to bolster their brand on Facebook.


Just as with any marketing campaign, you need to first know what your marketing goals are. If you define your marketing goals first, whether the goal is to push a new product or make X number of dollars in sales over a specific period of time, you’ll have a better idea of how to use Facebook to your advantage.


Your targeted audience may also want to use your Facebook page as a customer service tool. You can also use your pages to release news related to your brand. Whatever your marketing goals are, your Facebook page should correspond to that goal.


Facebook enacts subtle sidebar paid advertising on its site, which stands as a great opportunity for startups, especially since Facebook ads target your specific audience. Before posting the ad, you can specify what kind of person you want seeing that ad, such as age range, gender, marital status and specific interests.


Once you get users to “like” your page, you can send semi-regular updates to those users. We say “semi-regular” since you should only send messages when it really counts. Sending messages too frequently for superfluous things will likely annoy the user into “unliking” you.


Publish your content on your Facebook page, using it as a platform for your content. Facebook allows you to extend your content’s reach to a new audience. If you have a blog post or an associated video, make sure you link to your Facebook page and get people to “like” the page. Since not all people will visit your blog or even know about it, publishing your content on multiple content to get it to as many people as you can is a most viable option.


As a startup on Facebook, your focus shouldn’t be just about promoting your own wares. Facebook is about sharing and interacting, so if you post other people’s content and cite the source, they’ll pay you back the favor by sharing your work with their audience as well.


A business startup shouldn’t be intimidated by using Facebook and other social media sites. Rather, they should see it as a major opportunity to extend its reach and expand to other audiences.

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