How an SEO Optimization Company Should Not Use Twitter

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.28.2012




Twitter is an ever expanding social networking organism, one that doesn’t seem to abide by many rules. Granted, Twitter abides by a few rules, but because of the seeming anarchy that Twitter seems to thrive on, it allows Twitter users to act and behave in whichever way they desire; sometimes this behavior can be unruly, negative and annoying.


On the other hand, Twitter has proven to be a great networking site through which to both keep in touch and make new professional acquaintances. To make certain that your SEO optimization company is behaving well and using Twitter in the best way possible, we’ll highlight some of the more negative ways in which Twitter can often be used.


Linking your tweets to other social networking profiles can be irritating for some users. If people wanted to read your tweets, they’d simply go right to Twitter. Not posting a Facebook update on Facebook and instead having Twitter do all the work for you makes you look a little lazy, too.


A recent (and annoying) trend coming up on Twitter is irrelevant hashtags. The original purpose of a hashtag is to serve as a search function on Twitter, particularly if your looking for tweets under a specific topic. Nowadays, some people simply make up hashtags or use obscure hashtags for posts that have nothing to do with that topic.


As a Twitter user, your SEO optimization company may be noticing tweets on your newsfeed that aren’t very original or just irrelevant. If you haven’t updated your tweets for awhile and feel the need to but don’t have anything original to say, you can retweet other posts that you like.


Interacting with other Twitter users is an acceptable practice. What isn’t acceptable, however, is a long thread of personal interactions via tweets, especially since they aren’t private and tend to clog newsfeeds. Twitter is not a substitute for instant messaging or email. You can probably expect to have a few people unfollow you on Twitter if your practice constant public gabbing.


Posting music of every song that strikes the right mood for you is probably the wrong way to go on Twitter. If you do it incessantly, your twitter followers are probably tired of it. The same also goes for quotations from famous or not-so-famous people. Being a motivational poster isn’t going to make a lot of people want to follow your account.


Don’t automatically follow anyone who chooses to follow you. Being selective about your follows will further reinforce the purpose of Twitter: to interact with people and organizations that interest you. If the only reason you’re following someone is because they chose to follow you, then you may be negating the one worthwhile reason to stick around on Twitter.


Be careful about advertising on Twitter. Unless you’re playing a gig or organizing a live event for instance, just randomly advertising your business at any point will only come off as spam.


By using Twitter the right way, you can ensure your followers remain loyal. If, on the other hand, you exhibit annoying social habits on Twitter, you can probably expect others to be annoyed by your tweets.

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