How an SEO Service Can Find Expert Bloggers

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 8.29.2012


SEO search engine optimization organizations know that there is high competition amongst bloggers out there for almost every blog-able industry. In the midst of such staggering competition, it can be difficult to get the exposure you want and need for your own blog. As a blog writer, in order to keep up with the competition, you need not only to produce great content, but to also get involved in the community and form relationships by responding to commentors and feedback in order to keep your readers loyal. This isn’t the only method of increasing visibility to your blog, however.

Your SEO service company can also invite and leverage a guest blogger who is an expert in your field. Expert bloggers will have already established themselves in the industry as trusted sources of knowledge and authority in a specific niche subject. SEO services can identify these experts, who may also be authors, consultants or public speakers when they’re not blogging. Inviting such reputable bloggers to guest write a post on your site will bring about significant results and increased traffic, yet there is still the matter of finding them; there are several methods of doing so.

One of the best ways to meet various bloggers in a concentrated field is to attend a conference or live event related to said niche. At a conference, you can conduct a brief interview right where they stand and publish it on your blog. Your SEO service blog will become noticeable if associated with a noticeable name in the industry.

Most experts will agree to be interviewed, especially if they have published a book or two in their field. Interviews tend to benefit both the blogger and the expert being interviewed. After all, the expert wants to promote his book to as many targeted viewers as possible, and it will also give additional content to the blogger. You can either create a video interview or transcribe the interview for your readers. You will also get a boost in credibility for acquiring a trusted source as an interview subject.

You can also directly invite an expert blogger to put up a guest post on your site. Use RSS (Real Simple Syndication) in order to find and get updates on specific bloggers’ posts. Contact and invite the expert bloggers you find to create a guest post. A guest post can be a great advantage, as it lends a new and unique voice to your site, as well as bringing in that blogger’s traffic to your site.

Be sure to use powerful search engines to your advantage in finding expert bloggers. Google, Yahoo and Bing make for the three biggest search engines, making process of finding exceptional bloggers easier. When you find their websites, which are sure to be ranked highly, make sure you leave a comment or review of their work. Bloggers will likely respond to you and appreciate your words of expertise. You should also try accessing them via social media.

By forming a relationship with an expert blogger and getting them to provide content for your site, you will bolster both your site traffic and the expert blogger’s reputation.

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