How an SEO Service Can Get Better Conversion Rates from Youtube Videos

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 8.29.2012


Youtube’s potential for ad conversions is often underestimated, as Youtube is often dismissed by advertisers and a tool to build a brand. However, as any SEO service will tell you, Youtube can in fact provide great conversion rates for ads in a cost-effective manner. Youtube ads should definitely be in your radar if you’re building a marketing campaign. Your best options for more conversion rate are TrueView In-Search and In-Display Video ads, which if done right can see a return on ad investment. There are several tips an SEO service should abide by in order to get the most return on your Youtube ads.

Be sure to pick the right video for your ad. It’s been shown in various studies and split testing that the length of the video will play a big role in the effectiveness of Youtube advertisements. Youtube’s Insteam ads are best left to short 30-second videos. For longer videos, TrueView In-Search and In-Display Video are shown to work best. Videos that span two to three minutes tend to have an advantage, as they take a shorter period to engage the video and straight-talks into a call to action, yet even longer videos can still engage and succeed. Use Youtube Insight to look at visitor stats; check out at what times visitors tend to drop off of videos so you can edit for optimal ad effectiveness.

Consider optimizing your Youtube channel page. Once you have one or more videos uploaded and have done a good job at making them engaging, visitors will likely check out your channel page to find more information. So take this opportunity to provide more straight information on your brand. Share links to your landing page, as well as to other social media sites you engage in.

While optimizing your channel page, don’t forget about optimizing your Clickable Channel Banner, which sits right above your profile. A Clickable Channel Banner stands as one of the most viable pieces of real estate on your profile for boosting conversion rates. Upload a banner with a great call to action, so even if the video isn’t working for a viewer, you will still have the banner operating as free adspace and enhances your chances of a conversion.

In your Youtube endeavors, be sure to select the right keywords. Using keywords for Youtube is a little different than search for keywords for a website. Gear your Youtube keywords towards the discovery phase of sales, so using broader, shorter keywords will likely be your best shot. You can also use the Youtube keyword tool to get more suggestions, as opposed to going with the Adwords keyword tool. Take any keywords that have a history of working well on Youtube and mix them with additional new keywords.

In order to increase your conversion rates on your Youtube video, it obviously always helps to have an effective ad. The most effective ads on Youtube usually contain two key elements.

The first one is the thumbnail image. Be sure to test the effectiveness of different thumbnail images through Adwords. Even a seemingly small change in a thumbnail image could yield more clicks.

The second one is the option to have the video play on your channel page instead of on Youtube’s watch page. This allows the video to play on your optimized page, with the call to action banner ads waiting above.

Youtube can be an effective means of advertising and can yield great conversion rates. But you must know how to do it right.

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