How California Search Engine Optimization Services Determine the Needs of New Clients

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.23.2012


It’s a fact that in any business, the more you know about a client’s needs, the better you can help them achieve their objectives.  The field of California search engine optimization is no exception.  But sometimes, SEO clients aren’t really sure what to do, and seek expert advice to identify the optimal course of action to take.  If you are an SEO consultant, what are some of the best ways you can define your client’s needs and deliver an appropriate strategy?  The following are a few of the topics you should always cover when starting a new contract.


First, your client needs to identify their audience.  Who exactly is it that they’re targeting?  Who will be using their site or buying their products?  If a client hasn’t determined this fundamental step, it makes it almost impossible for a consultant to do their job successfully.  The services of a California SEO firm are primarily based on target audience demographics, so all strategies are ultimately dependent on knowing who it is you’re trying to reach.  If your client can’t identify their audience, you may have no other choice but to put the project on hold until they can.


Second, find out what other SEO techniques, if any, your client has already implemented on their site.  This is useful because it will help you evaluate what has and hasn’t worked thus far.  It will also streamline the process of determining what’s already in place, and how you, as their SEO specialist, can proceed.


Third, ask your client if they’re currently using any type of web analytics.  Depending on how involved they are, web analytics can easily overwhelm the less experienced customer; however, this information is critical when trying to decide how to optimize and direct new visitor traffic to their site, even if it’s only at the simplest level, such as search engines and keywords.


Fourth, analyze any additional active sites your client may currently have, especially if they are even remotely similar in subject matter.  Having a comprehensive site list is important when trying to avoid redundancy, or what’s referred to on the Internet as duplicate content.  Duplicate content can really obstruct successful searches and subsequently prevent increased traffic, especially now that most major search engines have put filters into place to help separate the online “wheat” from the “chaff.”


And lastly, be sure to ask if your clients use any type of popular social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. This will help you in deciding how they can best take advantage of these fast and immediate promotional tools.  Appropriately using social media sites to their fullest capabilities can make a huge difference in positioning a website as a true and viable competitive presence.


So before embarking on any new project, take the time to sit down with your client and extract some of these valuable details.  Not only will acquiring this information shed light on what’s already in motion, but having it on hand will help you in designing an original, effective, successful and profitable SEO strategy.  And what client doesn’t want exactly that?


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