How Communication Plays a Role between Marketers in Los Angeles Internet Marketing

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.04.2012


In Los Angeles Internet marketing – and all types of marketing for that matter – what is more important that the medium one uses is communication itself. Indeed, good communication is vital to analytics, as well as to teamwork within analytics teams in advertising agencies Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a boon town for advertising and marketing, so they know well how vital communication is to the health of marketing.

Many marketing agencies look for that new and latest trendy analytics tool that will solve their marketing ills, when really their marketing ills lie within a foundation of bad communication. Thus most problems can be solved when a clear path of communication is set in place. There are several ways to go about promoting positive and clear communication within your analytics team.

Sometimes conflicts of interest and communication can be a problem just within the analytics group itself. Anything from conflicting personalities to decentralized strategies in communication can contribute to this problem in Internet marketing Los Angeles. Marketers know that a failure to communication amongst your group can result in unseemly consequences, such as a duplication of workload. Worse, a duplication of work with different analytic results can be costly and a waste of your resources and time.

In a world of digital and new media technology that allows many different ways to communicate, such as instant messaging and email, face-to-face communication should still never be underestimated or considered old-fashioned. The complex matter of analytics may require face-to-face meetings and discussions to cover all ground and get all questions answered out in the open. Additionally, email and instant message communications can be more time-consuming that simple face-to-face.

Along the lines of face-to-face communications, you should also book quick meetings between you and other people in your analytics team, just to check in on their progress. It’ll give you a fresher, up-to-the-minute review of your analytic team’s struggles and their wins, their questions, as well as what they’re working on now and what they’ve delivered. These little meetings can also prevent any duplication of work. Also, documenting the information from these meetings is an important part of preventing duplication of work.

Another tip for open and easy communication is to keep organized. Have a central place to compile all of your analytics work and organize it by topic. You can also try creating a Google doc or Google spreadsheet to keep track of everything your team has accomplished and on what day.

In addition to the brief 10-minute meetings, you should also hold what are called shared meetings. These meetings can be held once a week, probably at the end of the week or project, and are used to announce to the rest of the group what has been accomplished. These meetings will amp up your team member’s presentation skills. These meetings are a good way to keep every member of your analytics team on the same page.

If you boss doesn’t already schedule meetings with your team, you can gather your co-workers together for an informal meeting in your workplace’s kitchen or during lunchtime.

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