How does Off-Page Optimization help in SEO.

Off-page optimization is basically controlling how the Internet portrays a website. Most of the off-page SEO techniques, if fruitful, results in very high returns on investment (ROI) and high ranking in major search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. This depends on :

  • developing one-way links from the publishing partners,
  • gradual link building technology,
  • utilizing business partners and their links,
  • publishing resources,
  • tapping Internet resources like powerful free directories,
  • one-way link brokering,
  • on-line PR campaigns,
  • other news articles.


Links from quality websites that refer to trusted and reputed websites with a high page rank gets more weightage from Google and other search engines. Link management is an important aspect of off-page optimization as it is always better to have few quality links than links of inferior quality with unrelated themes in context of the web content. It is important to optimize this factor to the ultimate in order to achieve the desired ranking in search engines.


Placing a site as link on other web pages helps in SEO as the site linking infers that the webmaster of that particular site found the web content sufficiently relevant enough to be linked to. In the eyes of search engines whenever a website or web pages has links, it is considered  to be a good website as the link acts as a vote suggesting that the links are endorsing that particular website. Another simple way of distributing the links to numerous web pages is by writing to Webmasters of reputed sites / blogs pertaining to the niche the website owner is interested in.


It has to be remembered in this context that to get a link placed on the page that has high page ranking as search engines give more importance to such links. One-way linking is preferred than reciprocal linking. Page title and page content that is being linked to a site is equally important. In the event of page linking to a website has page title containing similar main keywords like the website owner’s, then such page linking would be given more weight by the search engines. The reason behind this phenomenon is simple as web visitors look forward to links that provide more information on similar content or topic. To ensure this facility, search engines check the keywords of the two pages that are being linked to.


Links on the pages are effectively “do follow” links as search engines tend not to crawl a link if it is marked “no follow”. Hence, it would be more result oriented if the link is placed on a page that has many IP addresses. Article submission is a powerful way of creating back-links as this also helps in creating a brand name and earning good reputation. Submitting the site in web directories also helps in SEO as search engines crawl directories to avail the site addresses. This may guarantee enhanced traffic for the site and enable it to be indexed quickly. Getting the site registered in good forums in similar niche also helps in generating considerable volume of traffic. Similarly, becoming a member of reputed book marking sites is a good off-page optimization strategy in SEO.

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