How Expert Search Engine Optimization Firms Utilize PPC Advertising

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.11.2012


One way a search engine marketing firm will look at getting your site more traffic, is ads.   This is different than organic searches, which is where people type into a search engine what they’re looking for and find you.  Google Adwords offers a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which can boost your traffic immensely.  Essentially you are buying ads that go on other pages.  Each click-through to your site is a “successful” advertising.  Most Adwords are set up to where you pay by the “click.”  Though it’s not something you can just set up once and be done.  It’s just like tweaking your site’s search keywords that bring in traffic, you need to see what works and what doesn’t.

When your SEO Firm is doing an expert search engine optimization, the main mistake they see is inactivity.  While your account might only need minimum maintenance, it’s not very wise to ignore it for months.  Google likes to change its settings and it can hinder or halt your progress and waste money.  So it’s good to get in the habit of checking your settings and success of your PPCs.


It’ll only take one keyword to veer off your account and cause you to spend more than needed.  People also look at other accounts and strategies and see success.  They think, “It’s working for them.  It’ll work for me!”  This is not the case.  Every account is different.  Trial and error is key.  Test a few different strategies and form your own conclusions.  What works for one might not work for you.  What works for you might not work for someone else.

E-commerce sites should look at using Product Listing Ads and Product Extension Ads.  Create a separate campaign if you use them.  Product Listing Ads use feeds instead of keywords.  The extension ads have an expand button that lists several products in one ad.  Image ads are becoming more and more popular in Google’s search results.  These could really increase click-through rate.  Though with everything you need to test it to be sure what will work for you.

The secret to success in using PPCs is having someone or an agency that focuses on keeping your accounts up to date with what Google has to offer.  The other trick is to “think beyond the click.”  Even if you’re account is set up successfully, you could be hindered by simply having a website that isn’t easy to navigate or has errors.  Making sure that your products can compete with other businesses in the industry is a huge factor.  You could have a perfect Adword account and be getting traffic but no sales due to inferior pricing or products, which means that you will be operating at a loss.

Success occurs with those who actively manage their pay-per-click programs.  Efficient management could mean paying significantly less on their ads and still getting maximum traffic.  When utilized correctly some have doubled their revenue.  Adwords requires a lot of time and effort to manage but has great rewards if done correctly.


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