How Google’s New Feature Affects Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.12.2012


Google is at it again.  What is a search engine optimization agency to do? Google’s Search Plus Your World (SPYW) is a feature that allows those logged into their Google accounts see relevant search results that have been posted on Google+.

Some of these results aren’t actually relevant at all and the ones you want are pushed down further on the lists.  It’s way too soon to tell how this will effect SEO professionals in the long run, but breaking down and building a Google+ page for your website or business might be the thing to do.  This way, you can help boost your line up in the search results.

Google+ is new to the tech world and the rest of the universe hasn’t even heard of it and really hasn’t changed their search results.  Google has been using location data so maybe they will add a local search feature to their SPYW.  For businesses who do not have a physical address there aren’t too many ways to keep from spamming keywords, but the old “Location madly spam” trick still works well for most sites.

A common mistake clients make is that they focus on the wrong keywords.  Another is to try to not be concerned about one or two phrase keywords at the expense of tons of others that would bring in targeted traffic.  An affordable search engine optimization doesn’t take months or years to start showing results.  It only takes one or two months to start showing improvement.  Google Analytics or another program can show you the success and measure it accordingly.  These programs show you which keywords are being used.

There is no start-to-finish game plan to out traffic Wikipedia, but one can dream.  If you want to compete with this huge site, you will have to already be a well-establish site.  Even then it’s going to be a tough, long road.  Since Wikipedia is constantly being updated, so will your site.  Promote, promote, promote on social media sites overtime you update your content.  Doing this just might give you the edge you need to be right with Wikipedia.

A lot of SEO agencies, while having fully capable specialists and consultants could always use more people on the technical side of things.  A lot of sites need over-hauls to help boost their traffic.  These more tech savvy individuals can tweak a website’s bone structure and crawl-ability.  People who understand how to do these are vital to companies, without them websites can be crippled in the long run if not right away.

Small businesses with websites need to start grasping that online marketing via social media is vital to have a successful online business branch.  Having a perfect organic keyword set up isn’t going to do it alone.  SEO consultants are pushing the importance of participating in social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and, now, Google+.  Real participation is just as vital, if not more so and will make the difference in a successful website or not.

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