How Instagram Can Benefit a Search Engine Optimization Service

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.19.2012




Lots of people use Instagram, yet you might be skeptical about how it can be used for your search engine optimization service business. Instagram is a free mobile app that allows you to take photos on your phone and apply unique filters to them, as well as a tilt-shift feature or 3D effect. Instagram is taking the iPhone and Android app world by storm, simply because it’s easy to use and the results can be breathtaking. Because Instagram has become a huge trend, your business should be savvy enough to keep up. Instagram may even provide the extra boost your company needs.


One reason why Instagram is beneficial for business branding is its instantaneousness. You snap a picture off your Andriod or iPhone, apply the filters and publish on the web all on your phone and without having to go back to your office. Within seconds, your brand images can go from idea to published on the web, with hashtags and all.


Unlike many social media sites, Instagram doesn’t require you to have an additional social media account. While many social media sites require a Facebook or Google+ account to sign in, you can simply come as you are and brand yourself instantly. The set up process couldn’t be simpler.


Not only is there an ease and speed to Instagram, but there’s a personalized touch you can add to any one of your photos. Your brand will instantly come off as interesting with interesting photos. The filters on Instagram can make the most common of objects look cool, which is very valuable if you’re selling a product that isn’t exactly considered “hip,” such as propane tanks or storage boxes.


You can also post Instagram photos on location pages for your business. Be sure that your business shows up in Google Places or the recent Google+ Local Pages with an accurate address and contact information attached. Instagram has also worked together with Foursquare, allowing you to tag the precise location a photo was taken. This is valuable, as some customer may browse photos based on location, and your provocative photos may attract new customers this way.


Instagram can also easily grant you more followers. Instagram doesn’t allow businesses to post links, which will keep the public from feeling like they’re being spammed. Instead, use your Instagram account to frequently post interesting photos featuring your product or business. Instagram users are more likely to follow you if they dig your images. Your Instagram account can also link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, leading your followers to bleed over into those social media sites as well.


Be sure, also, to interact with people on Instagram. Don’t just respond to comments on your own photos, but comment on other people’s photos as well. This will breed a community of people willing to invest in your company.


While many a search engine optimization service may be obsessed with link building as a method of building up their rankings, using Instagram can also help you gain more followers.

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