How LA Internet Marketing Can Maximum its Marketing Efforts During Olympic Season

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.22.2012




In the days of old, you used to have to be a major corporation and shell out tons of cash in order to have a presence during the Olympics. The good news now is, since the advent of the 2012 London Olympics, LA internet marketing and making a visual presence is much easier, and no longer makes a big dent in your bank account.


In fact, your brand can market well at the Olympics without the need of investing hundreds of millions of dollars to use the Olympic logo. It used to be that the Olympic committee had stringent regulations against a company’s use of the words “Olympics” and “London 2012” in their ad space and marketing efforts. These crack-down efforts, however, aren’t as vigilant as you might imagine, although don’t expect to get away with it for too long.


Fortunately for professionals in Los Angeles internet marketing, there are ways to legally take advantage of Olympic visual property without getting a beat-down from British lawmakers or the Olympic committee.


When you enter the Olympic arena with adspace, remember that you’re in tough competition with companies larger than yours. Therefore, don’t walk into it with nothing to say in your ads. Make your marketing campaign interactive as well, whether it be contests and sweepstakes, a live event or the launch and public testing of a new product. A grand event like the Olympics will come with lots of eyeballs looking at your brand and product, so the more they engage with you, the more likely they’ll remember you and become a future customer.


Your own tagline or word association from an SEO services company California used specially for the Olympics is another good way to take advantage of your Olympic presence. The Olympics plays up the idea of national pride, competition, and hard-working athletes, so you should play up those sentiments in your tagline as well. This can replace your need to add those expensive gold rings that make up the Olympics logo.


Developing video content is also critical during the Olympics. People will have an insatiable desire to see visual features and elements during this time, so making your content relevant to current Olympic events and athletes will definitely give you a leg-up in your marketing campaign. Just make sure to avoid the words “Olympics” and “London,” and you can still create great content that sells during the games.


A little humor can go a long way, too. The Olympic Games can be an intense show to watch, depending on the event, so alleviating the tension with some humor will definitely make you stand out.


If you’re going to be using the Olympics as part of your marketing campaign, you’ll have to let your SEO consultant know so he can optimize your website and adjust search results. Search engine results for Olympics will be packed with first page results, and you likely won’t be on the first page unless you optimize.


Using a content marketing strategy for the Olympics isn’t entirely foreign from creating any other marketing campaign, save for skipping over branding and copyright landmines that using the words Olympics and London 2012 may cause. Maintaining relevance and visual presence during the Olympics could mean a boon for your company.

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