How Life Has Changed through Internet Marketing and Los Angeles SEO Services

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.15.2012


You can bet that the creator of the internet had no idea how drastically life would change.  At the time, the inventor of the Internet could probably could not imagine how the Internet would forever change the way people went about their daily lives.


Think about how many times you need internet connection throughout the day.  You probably check your email at least once and more if your job heavily relies on communication by email.  Students may spend a lot of time researching for school via the internet; although, it would take a lot longer if they used other resources such as books.  You might be on the internet looking at news stories, playing games, video conferencing with work or family and friends, streaming videos, listening to music and a lot more.  If you have a Smartphone, you are likely to be on the Internet even more than those without Smartphones.


Besides showing that people use the Internet a lot, what is the point?  The point is that because we use the internet so much and spend a lot of our day on it, marketing companies have started advertising for their products or businesses online.  Back when everyone was tuned in to the radio because it was new and the thing to do, businesses would heavily market their products in radio ads.  Then the television set came and marketing moved to mainly market there.  Now the internet is the prime source of entertainment and news so marketing has had to change tactics once again.


There are many branches of marketing: radio and television commercials, guerrilla marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing, among others.  Marketing companies often branch off to specialize in a certain area of marketing.


Social media marketing is utilizing social media sites to the full extent of their marketability.  Because so many people use social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, they have become prime spots to bring attention to a business and their merchandise.  A social media agency Los Angeles will set up advertisement links and write Tweets about a business.  This area of marketing changes a little as more social media websites show up.


The second major marketing branch that uses the internet is search engine marketing.  Search engine marketing uses search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, to create a following for a business’s website.  The marketers do this by building links and placing them on other websites.  The link leads directly to whatever website they are advertising for.  Los Angeles SEO services sometimes combine search engine optimization with social media marketing when the links are placed on sites like Facebook and Pinterest.  SEO LA has been proven to be very effective in getting more people to look at a website.


Advertising for a business has always been a challenge.  You have to make the people look and see all the good things about the business.  Then, once you have their attention, you attempt to keep their business and make them want to keep coming back.  This is as true as it was for radio advertising as it is now for internet advertising and marketing.  The main different is where the advertisement is being placed.

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