How Local Search Engine Optimization Services Can Start a New Online Business.

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.20.2012


If you’re an expert in local search engine optimization services, or in any other industry for that matter, and have decided to create a new start up business, you’ve probably heard a lot of advice from different people. Some of those rules can be broken to your benefit, thanks to new developments in Internet culture and business practices.


Anyone who has started a business from the ground up before you will probably tell you to adhere to the more traditional “old school” rules, including creating a thorough business plan, making a website, being incorporated and performing research to test your market. Just because generations before you have adhered to these rules, doesn’t necessarily mean it entirely applies to you, however.


Writing up a business plan will likely involve you writing twenty or so pages about future business projections and budgeting plans. For some prospective start-ups, going to work on such a document can be daunting. Although writing a business plan can be of great benefit, it’s not a necessity; as a matter of fact, a few businesses have grown and prospered without ever having to write a business plan.


Instead, you can jot down a quick, brief business plan that isn’t quite as thorough, but has a good idea of what you want to achieve. You can also hire a small business coach who specializes in new start-up businesses and help point you in the right direction.


Most business benefit greatly from having a web presence, but that doesn’t mean you need to shell out big bucks on a fancy website. While having a best quality website your dough can buy is good, assess whether you really need a website with fancy gadgets, as opposed to a good-looking website that fills your needs and that of your customers.’ You can even have a simple blog that consistently creates relevant content.


You can sign up for free blogging platforms and create a new domain under your business name. You can also sign up for free web design platforms, which allow you to easily create you own website without any prior knowledge of website building. Don’t forget to optimize your site with affordable local search engine optimization services.


It’s also important to know who you are marketing your product to, as well as who your niche market is. You can also market your product to a niche market you know well and serves as a reflection of you. Build credibility to a niche market you are excited about serving.


Don’t place too much faith in your market surveys. Numbers are sometimes just that, and may not reflect the truth. Sometimes the most valued feedback isn’t delivered via surveys. Instead, spend some of your free time talking face-to-face with your customers. You may be surprised how more helpful this personal contact is than surveys.


The traditional methods of building your start up business shouldn’t be completed ignored. The rules weren’t meant to be broken, but bent for a new era of Internet marketing and e-commerce businesses.

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