How Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles Use Old and New Social Media to Inform Strategy and Product Development

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.14.2012


Marketing agencies in Los Angeles know that there are a large numbers of different tools out there to help them develop a marketing campaign. One of these tools is social media on the internet, and, as any internet marketing company Los Angeles will tell you, social media sites are becoming more and more powerful and influential by the minute, streaming enormous amounts of traffic.

Although they can be incredibly powerful ways to supercharge your business leads, the newest and latest technologies shouldn’t be the sole source of your marketing campaign ideas. Indeed, blending together more traditional approaches with cutting-edge technology and strategies is the most logical approach to marketing in 2012. Nowadays, marketers use both old and new methods of attracting new and loyal consumers, informing the latest product development strategy and expand their consumer base.

The most basic of marketing tactics fall into four categories. One is direct interaction between marketers and consumers, or stakeholders. Email, postal mail, social events, and mobile updates are a few examples of direct contact with stakeholders.

The second is what is called a top-down approach. Top-down simply informs consumers of new products and services, using various media outlets, including various advertising campaigns on already influential outlets, such as television, radio, billboard, and the internet. The third category, called groundswell marketing, entails a word of mouth approach to encourage consumers to purchase products. Third party sites, social media sites, and consumer loyalty programs all go into encouraging the word of mouth approach.

The third category is call flanking, which is used to get around obstacles standing between the brand and their consumers in the attempt to make the brand more visible in the market place. Content marketing and Los Angeles search engine optimization (SEO) are both examples of the flanking technique in marketing.

All of these approaches can be used together or separately, depending on the product and brand. Different tactics can also be used across social media, such as using social media to influence the groundswell approach, or use blogging for the top-down tactic.

Social media can be used not only for promoting your brand, but also for informing product strategy and gathering feedback. When a marketing campaign doesn’t reach its promising goal, it can be devastating to a brand, as it could lead to slower sales, bad word of mouth, and a greater edge to your competitors.

Because of the fast pace of the Internet, the Internet is usually the first place where the devolution of a marketing campaign is noticed. When this happens, you have the opportunity to use social media as a feedback mechanism, getting direct consumer response on the latest products and services. Integrating social media with research functionality will certainly help with difficult marketing decisions, thus informing new marketing strategies.

In order to digest product marketing information, you need to know how to listen to the right social media channels. First, understand the competition and research their standing in the market place. Then, understand what your consumers are looking for in your products and others like it. Also, examine your common consumer’s social media patterns and measure their reactions to certain products and media campaigns.  This combination of the avant garde and the traditional will undoubtedly help you to secure immense success in the modern marketplace.

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