How Search Engine Optimization Consultants Can Make Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.25.2012


Landing pages are often used in internet marketing campaigns such as mobile app downloads and PPC ads. To optimize landing pages for these campaigns, search engine optimization consultants seek to increase conversion rates and improve the quality score of PPC. One aspect of the landing page that has been ignored by some is the mobile landing page. Mobile has been on the rise among users, and you’ll have to determine how many of your consumers reach your page via mobile devices.


Although your other efforts to get users to your landing page have an impact on your conversion rates, you could be missing out for ignoring your mobile users. According to the Google Mobile Movement Study in 2011, consumers using mobile devices are more likely to take action immediately, between one hour and twenty four hours, based on the content of the landing page. There are several ways that search engine optimization consultants can make landing pages more mobile friendly.


When optimizing your landing page for mobile devices, consider that mobile screens come in all different shapes and sizes. Use flexible software and design that allows easy accessibility to your landing page. There is lots of plug-ins that your computer uses to access images that may not be available on mobile devices. Using mobile friendly plug-ins such as HTML5, GIF and JPG images will be compatible with many mobile devices.


You should also optimize the page so that loading times are fast. Landing pages less than 20 KB will maximize you load and navigation speeds. One big factor that contributes to a bad mobile user experience is very slow load times. There are several tools you can use to test the loading speed of your site


Your mobile landing page should be to-the-point, with first priority items list on the top of the page. Mobile users are on their feet, so they are likely more compelled to just get the information they need now, as opposed to investigating the best options on the site. Don’t make a users scroll down the screen for your call to action unless you have a “scroll down for offter” on the screen.


Along the lines of to-the-point, your ad copy will likely have to be cut down for mobile conversion. Be brief with your selling content, yet makes sure every word adds value to your campaign.


Mobile users should be able to read your page without zooming in or doing any more effort on their part. A simple color palette and some negative space will also help contribute to the legibility of your landing page.


Make sure your phone number is also present on the mobile landing page. Most mobile devices are smart phones, so a click-to-call function should be conveniently present on the landing page by making a hyperlink out of the phone number.


Make sure your content on a mobile device is also touch and thumb friendly. All links and actions should be clickable to a touch of a thumb or finger without the need to zoom in on an item. Pixel resolution varies across different designs and models of mobile devices, so you may have to consult an expert in mobile design to request suggestions on minimum size of targets.


Reassessing your landing page for mobile devices will help you draw in more mobile customers. Important end-goals for your mobile campaign includes usability, fast performance and a minimalist style that makes an impact.


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