How Search Engine Optimization Packages Can Understand a Competitor’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.27.2012




When a competitor’s digital marketing strategy succeeds over your search engine optimization packages, it may come time to scrutinize them to see what they’re doing right. Things such as types of keyword, advertising partners and agencies used, and their account structure and give you some insight into their winning strategy.


In order to dissect a digital marketing campaign, your first step can start with the company’s URL. With paid search management tools, they often illustrate special parameters within a long string of URL. It can also give you an idea of the type of account structure they have in place. For example, a URL could indicate that your competitor used geo-targeting in order to market more aggressive to a specific location.


Should you break up your digital marketing campaign into specific location? You’ll have a few things to consider in making that decision, such as the service area and messaging. Is the awareness of your brand deeper in some areas than others? Can you deliver a branding message that is culturally significant to that area?


By geo-targeting, you could boost your campaign by segments. Such optimized campaign structure isn’t something your competitor will likely tell you about, so learning all this from the URL can be invaluable. You can pin down specific effective keywords they’re using in their campaign.


With the talk of the competition’s accounting strategies comes the question of where and how they spend their money. They’ll likely be spending their money on specific methods of boosting traffic to their site. Knowing what your competition is doing to gain traffic can help you be aware of what your competitors are up to.


There are specific tools and plugins online, such as Ghostery, which allows you to see what kinds of tags in plugins are used on a website. Through this method, it will be apparent what kind of advertising agency they used for their search engine optimization packages. Using this method can be a lot more time efficient than going through endless lines of code to find the answer.


Once you discover which ad people your competitors are working with, see if you can find out how they work and what they can do for your site. Also, if you go through the purchasing process on their website while Ghostery is on, you may be able to see an additional tag.


Your competitor’s performance won’t just be in their advertising, but also in the keywords they chose. Online tools like Spyfu can allow you to see what keywords your competitors are using to optimize their site. This may not always bring perfectly accurate results, it can give you a general idea, if not a bit of inspiration for your own keyword list. This may prove that you’re missing out on potentially great keywords with your own strategy.


Some online tools can also help you find yet more keywords. Although some of the keywords these tools list may be a bit out of your range, if you know that your competitors are using similar keywords, it’s worth trying out.


When you closely examine all that your competitors are doing to enhance their digital marketing campaign, you can make wiser decisions about your own campaign.

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