How Search Engine Optimization SEO Services Can Concoct a Great Content Marketing Strategy

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.19.2012




Word on the street in search engine optimization SEO services is that building content will be one of the most important factors in building traffic for you website. Most business owners or website designers will focus on the look and feel of their website, but what about the content?


Some Internet companies don’t know the first clue on how to build a great content strategy, especially if they’ve become victim to bad advice or have been exposed to shady writers. You want to stand out, and having subpar content is not the way to go about it. Even worse, having poor content will make you stand out, but not in a good way.


The first piece of advice you should consider is to get what you pay for. If you want great content, you should be expected to pay the right price for it, even if you think it might be on the high end of your price range. If you want writing services for cheap, you should expect some cheap results and below-par content, as many search engine optimization SEO services can attest to. When considering what to pay writers, remind yourself that you’re renting out a block of time of their schedule. No great writer who knows his own self worth is going to rent out a significant amount of time for you for a paltry five dollars per hour. Writers with great credentials and a history of high quality published materials won’t let you take advantage of them for a small fee.


When creating a content marketing campaign, you should expect a return on your investment. This is why paying the big bucks for high quality writers is worth the expense. If the high-quality article migrates to another authority niche site and the business owner of that site favors it and wants to do business with you, you can expect a big return on your investment and a future professional relationship.


This business relationship can also spawn into other contacts and business relationships. High profile businesses frequently do business with companies that publish high quality information. Alternately, no one will do business with a company that publishes subpar articles that you paid five bucks for.


While we’ve said that you would have to shell out the right price for high quality content, you don’t have to break the bank to get that content. Quite the contrary, it’s instrumental that you stick within your budget in shopping for content. Make it easier to shop within your budget by prioritizing your business needs. What aspect of your Internet business needs your attention the most? If you urgently need press releases or your blog needs a serious fix, then prioritize accordingly. The aspects of your site that need fixes and content the most should be addressed first.


Consider the key differences between syndicated content and duplicate content. Syndicated content is published all over the web on authoritative sites relevant to your industry. Syndication is good, as you’ll not only get quality content for free on syndication sites, but it also leads to good links. Duplicate content, on the other hand, is different in that content is copied onto another site without permission. Duplicate content can be SEO poison, whereas syndication of content can bring your Google rankings up.


By creating a powerful content marketing strategy, you can acquire high quality content and expose it to people in your industry.

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