How Search Engine Optimization Specialists Can Make Their Facebook Ads Stand Out

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.25.2012




When Facebook users see the same bland banner ads over and over, a fatigue sets in. Facebook ads used to be a high revenue-making market, yet the decline in interest in Facebook ads can be contributed to the fact that they’re all the same. Search engine optimization specialists should learn about and find ways to set themselves apart from the crowd with their Facebook ads. Be sure to test out these new ideas before putting them on the web.


For most Facebook users, most of the side ads are simply invisible, due to blocking them out of their periphery. When it comes to the architecture of Facebook, people tend to see Facebook ads for the basic image, body and headline. And yet so few people care to check out the sideline ads.


Using unconventional images in your Facebook ad that doesn’t necessarily fulfill the guidelines of a typical Facebook ad can be to your benefit, in that they can compel interest in your brand. Even if the image is highly unusual, it’s still better than being boring.


You can use images that seem unrelated to your product or services, yet tie them together in your copy. An example of this could be a picture of a horrific screaming monster, then the text, “Learn to bake cakes that are a SCREAM!” Another example: An illustration of a smiling pig, with copy that says, “Live high on the hog with great values at Ralph’s Furniture Store.” Be sure to also test various color schemes in your ads, as some colors have been proven to work better than others.


Ads with the company logos or pictures of attractive people shilling dating sites are quite common. An ad that instantly catches one’s attention is one that doesn’t fulfill the everyday look or feel of a Facebook ad.


Search engine optimization specialists can also ask questions in the headline to catch a Facebook user’s attention. Speaking to an individual directly rather than sending a blanket statement to the masses is a great way to communicate one-on-one with your would be consumer. The consumer will feel the ad is about him, and not about the company itself.


Questions such as “Are You the Next So-And-So?”, are great because everyone will have a reaction to it. Everybody will have an opinion at one point or another, which they’ll share involuntarily, even if they don’t even click on your ad. They’ll form their opinion and remember you later.


Another method of attracting users to your Facebook ad is to break up the copy text. Reading is becoming more scarce, especially on the Internet and social media sites. A block of text simply won’t do in catching a person’s attention. Either condense or break up your text in your ad copy. Your copy should be straight to-the-point and short, as there’s only so much space in a Facebook ad. Don’t be afraid to say exactly what you mean.


These tips on how to amp up your Facebook presence will drive more clicks to your ads.

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