How SEO Content from Your Internet Marketing Consultant Los Angeles Plays a Role in Marketing Automation

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.22.2012




It’s rare to be able to find an internet marketing consultant Los Angeles who can really define what marketing automation is or how it works. Essentially, marketing automation software streamlines the repetitive tasks that marketers used to have to do by hand. Marketing automation software will usually cost a pretty penny for marketing firms and SEO in Los Angeles CA firms, yet without the solid content from an engine internet marketing search specialist to go along with it, the software just won’t be worth the investment. The truth is that great and consistent content is the key to keep marketing automation running properly.


The foundation of content marketing is, of course, your content. Many buyers, more often than not, get much of the information they need from the internet and rarely feel the need to go to a sales rap in-person. When a customer does go to a sales rep, he’ll often have already researched your product or service on the Internet. The content that your future customer gleans off the Internet is vital for turning people into your loyal customers. Your content simply adds another step to the sales process that makes it easier for a customer to make a decision.


Having informative content makes marketing automation easier to run. Your content will service specific parts of the sales process, which the marketing automation software must digest and register. Your content is what will attract and capture the interest of leads, as well a nuturing and scoring new customers and clients.


The first step in the sales process is attracting a stranger to your brand. The stranger may either know nothing about you or may be vaguely familiar with your products. In this first step, your content will mainly consist of ads, online articles, press releases, and direct mail posts. This type of content tries to hook in the audience by letting them know you have what they want. This lead-generating content may also feature first-time customer discounts to further draw people in.


The act of “capturing” a sales lead, the next step in the sales process, occurs when the prospective customer is willing to give you her contact information. With marketing automation software, the capture of a lead registers when a person fills out an online form with at least her name and email. In this stage, you have to give your leads an incentive to give them your contact information, such as exclusive access to content, free online reports or a free webinar.


Nurturing your lead is the third step in the process. You essentially lead a person gently through the buying process. Here, you must build your lead’s trust and show you are credible by having knowledge in your produce. The content for this step will be very similar to the content used to capture leads, except you throw in one more extra incentive to get them more interested. As they become more interested, you must further prove that the solution you’re providing is likely the best one. You simply provide as much more content as you can until the lead finally says yes.


A good marketing automation system will guide leads through every step of this process until they’re finally ready to buy. But first, you must make room in your budget for great content in order for your marketing automation software to work properly.

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