How Smart Ranking SEO Companies in California Get Real Results!

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.23.2012                                                                                           


This is a common scenario: you own a successful SEO company CA, and you’ve just sat down for a meeting with a potential new client.  They’ve heard about the quality of your work, and they want to buy SEO servicesthat you offer.  You make your presentation of the techniques and tenets you’ve identified to optimize their site – things you’ve researched, examined and implemented for quite a while, and with good results, helping you to achieve your solid and respected reputation.   At the end of the presentation, the client pretends to agree with everything you’ve said, but eventually brings up the two words dreaded by any innovative SEO: Meta tags.


Meta tags have long been touted as the ultimate tool for successful SEO implementation.  And because lots of clients still don’t really understand the inner workings of SEO strategy, they often believe it.  And let’s face it: with all the information about Meta tags still saturating the Internet, it’s no wonder that they look to them as the answer.  Forget the importance of carefully designed keyword-rich copy – for some clients who buy into the hype, it’s all about the tags.  Meta tags sound short, sweet and simple, and who wouldn’t chose a simple solution over a complicated one?


That’s not to say that Meta tags aren’t useful – they are, especially when used in conjunction with other effective SEO techniques.  But when used as a sole technique, Meta tags cannot and do not ensure an increase in visitor traffic or a boost in profits.  Can they temporarily kick up a site’s ranking?  Yes, they absolutely can.  But how that happens is usually short-lived and irrelevant to the real substance of any marketing plan.  The fact of the matter is, Meta tags mean nothing unless you have appropriately structured keyword-rich text at their core.  You really can’t have one without the other.


So what does create long-term rankings?  Well, what do you usually see when you first land on a web page?  Copy.


Strategically designed, keyword-rich web copy, especially when placed on a home page, is still one of the optimal methods in acquiring high rankings.  Even better, it’s been proven that quality, keyword-rich text enhances user experience.  It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating: usability and readability are still, and will likely always be, critical to sustaining the success and viability of any website.  After all, what good is a website that no one visits?


So back to the meeting: as an SEO guru, you owe it to your client to explain how these techniques differ, and how Meta tags are only as good as their site’s keyword density.  After all, they’re paying you for your expertise, knowledge and experience.  Assure them that the overhaul in copy you have planned – even the copy they really liked, or wrote themselves – is an absolute necessity in order to meet their business objectives.  That way, you will hopefully lessen the risk of your client resisting these changes once you start putting your plan into motion, and you’ll have a new client who has hired you for your ability to deliver the best ranking services of SEO companies in California.

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