How Social Media Leads to a Change in Marketing for a Los Angeles SEO Company

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.14.2012


Social media sites have made how we connect with people completely different.  Social interaction started out as only being by face-to-face conversations.  Then it could be through letters.  As technology advanced, telegrams could be sent and telephone calls could be made when the person you wanted to talk to was not nearby.  When cell phones were invented, these phone calls became even more prevalent in how people interacted with each other.  Social interaction changed even more drastically when the Internet became something that everyone could use.  From here, interaction included sending emails, instant messaging, and using social media sites.


While the initial purpose of social media sites were so that people could find friends and family, it has also become a prime spot to launch a marketing campaign.  On Facebook, a business can have ads that show up on the sides of the screen and they can create their own profile page for their business.  Facebook is a great way to share the details about your business with friends, family members, and anyone else who may happen across your business’s page.


Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ are all other social media sites that many marketing companies use to market on.  SEO companies are especially keen on placing links on these sites as part of the SEO services Los Angeles that they offer.  Los Angeles SocialMediaworks to reach many people in one place that may not have even known about a certain business.  The links lead to whatever site the Los Angeles SEO Companyis marketing for.


SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization.  Search engine optimization means making a site easily found on search engines such as Google.  With so many websites out there, it is difficult to make one website stand out from all the rest.  That is when marketing has to be done, especially if the website is a business.  Marketing allows a website a little boost so that customers and newcomers can learn and easily access the website.


A Los Angeles SEO Company is a big part of internet marketing.  A lot of websites are found through search engines like Google since most of the time you do not know what you are looking for or what the exact URL address is.  Without an exact website address, it can be very difficult to locate a website.  SEO understands this and that is why the links are placed on other sites such as social media sites to optimize a website’s address.  The more links that are available and the more people that have access to these links, the more views a website is going to get.  Having a lot of views is very important for a business because it means potential customers.


So you see, Los Angeles Social Media sites have not only altered the way we communicate with one another but it has also changed the way the companies market.  More activities like communicating and shopping are becoming more online based.  As more companies move online, SEO will take up more space in the marketing industry.

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