How the Best Search Engine Optimization Company Can Undo Damage from Google Penguin

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.16.2012


Thanks to recent updates and stringent regulations of Google Penguin algorithm changes, you website may be affected. Depending on where your rankings are after the update, you may want to look into ways to recover from the downfall.


If you played well by Google’s rules, your rankings may have gotten higher as a result, even if you performed some seedy link building and managed to get away with it (for now). Alternately, even if the best search engine Optimization Company operated perfectly by the Google manual, its rankings may have dipped as a result of collateral damage. It could also be due to the company’s outsourcing of link building.


You may wonder what defines seedy link building, or if you’ve been a victim of bad advice and thought you were following the rules when in fact you weren’t. Most seedy links will usually direct you to “link networks,” which contain content of varying degrees of low quality. Keywords can also be overly optimized as “money keywords” in anchor text. Thanks to the latest algorithm changes under Google Penguin, websites that subscribe to very seedy linking practices will get a severe drop in organic traffic.


Articles lacking in external links will also catch the eyes of Google Penguin. A big red flag is waved, also, when all the “money keywords” and anchor text occurs in a way that is inorganic, with the sole purpose of driving traffic the main site instead of including keywords naturally within content. The best search engine optimization company knows that typographical errors and overstuffing your page with keywords will also lead to drop in rankings and traffic.


If you’ve suffered from a drop in ratings, you’re probably looking to recover your footing, and fast.


To start, if you’ve linked to link networks with low quality content, you’ll need to eliminate those backlinks from your site. Meanwhile, make a concerted effort to attract natural links to your site by creating great content and an attractive viral campaign. Forsake your traditional SEO practices for now for the bigger picture: making your website an attractive and informative force for readers.


Websites with a large number of bad links will have an even more difficult time removing the links that they did acquiring them. If you performed good SEO practices and still experienced a dip in rankings, it means that you’ll still have to take out your unnatural links.


Compare your suffering website to that of your still-ranking competitors and see what you’re missing. Scour your website of the unnatural links and replace them with higher quality, natural links. If you have too many unnatural links, you may need to start all over again with a new domain and start from scratch. This is the absolute worst case scenario. After performing your link pruning and removal, ask Google to review your site. They could amp up your ratings afterwards, although you may have to wait until the next update to see results.


In order to recover from the Google Penguin update and sustain a successful relationship with the search engine, you’ll have to think of new ways of making links that won’t show up on Google’s radar as a red flag. Building more natural links and earning your traffic is the way to go in boosting your internet presence.

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