How to Achieve Top Ten Position in Search Engines Especially Google.

There are several factors to ensure that the site enjoys authority with search engines for improved ranking. It depends on the arrangement of links to a domain as well as correct keyword placement and its frequency density. Making the site search engine friendly through the evaluation of on-site analysis highlights a website’s strengths and weaknesses of the structure and layout. These techniques, if applied appropriately by Web Masters results in successful marketing of a site through natural search. In most cases, correct search engine submission, solid link building campaign and usage of targeted keywords are the prime factors that govern top ranking position of a website in search engines.


The top spots are usually occupied by companies that are professionally guided by SEO experts. Nevertheless, none can actually guarantee search engine position as the ranking positions are made by search engines and are subject to change. But the principles are guided by strategic use of keywords, courting of valuable links, submissions to reputed directories, blogs, forum entries and a multitude of other proven techniques. In spite of such methods being well established, they need to be constantly monitored in order to keep a website updated with the ever refining search engine algorithms. Crawler based search engines determine relevancy of web pages by sorting them through a set of rules known as “algorithms”. In general all search engines follow certain guidelines for ranking the relevancy of web pages.


One of the primary rules in a ranking algorithm is based on the location and frequency of keywords on a web page. Pages with the search terms appearing in the HTML title tag often assume greater relevance than others. Search engines also check to see whether the search keywords appear on top of a web page like in headline or within the description of a text. They presume that any page relevant to the topic would specify those words right at the beginning.  Keyword frequency is the other major factor used by search engines to determine the relevancy of web pages. A search engine analyzes how frequently the keywords appear in relation to other words in a web page. Those displaying a higher frequency are often deemed more relevant in comparison to the other web pages.


Search engines do not index all pages of websites when they detect spamming. This is noticeable when a single word appears repeatedly on a web page to increase the frequency of its usage so as to automatically push the web page higher in the listing. Similarly, the search engines take into account “off the page” ranking criteria. The “off the page” factor cannot be easily influenced by Spammers. By analyzing the manner in which pages are linked to each other, a search engine determines the relevance of the content in the web page and assesses the importance of that content. In this way the search engine evaluates whether the web page deserves a ranking or not.  The “click through measurement” is another “off the page” factor which is used to rank pages. In this system the Web Masters take note of the results when a web surfer selects a topic for a particular search.


Positioning a website in top search engines is the primary criteria of Internet marketing and is a key technique for any strategic marketing plan.  Traffic obtained from search engine is abundant as well as good since web surfers generally use search engines to locate products and services. Any company who ignores this technique is bound to help their competitors by shifting away from valuable customers and revenue. Customized search engine optimization helps in ranking the website amongst the top ten on search engine results page. Qualified Google AdWords professionals recommend ways of reducing advertising budget. The service is performance based as their marketing strategy guarantees results by acquiring prime visibility on leading search enginesthrough best search engine optimization tools.

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