How to Approach Marketing and Internet Advertising Los Angeles Research for Effectiveness

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 5.25.2012


Marketing agencies in Los Angeles know that, over several decades, research performed by advertising and marketing scholars on both theoretical and practical issues has proven to be a fundamental way to discover how advertising works and its potential. One of the base issues involved in research is advertising effectiveness, with the hoped-for outcome being figuring out a way to enhance advertising effectiveness.

Many scholars and practitioners have discussed and disagreed about the methods through which objectives can be achieved in the field of advertising and internet advertising Los Angeles.

There have been a few key points in particular that have been the cause for debate: for one, how to define categories of objectives, the level or amount of advertising needed to complete an objective and the time needed for a brand message to get across to a consumer.

Many advances have been made on this topic thanks to research studies by advertising agencies Los Angeles, yet another problem still exists: which research methods are more effective or trustworthy than others? Do such methods of research still leave the potential for advertising untouched, or are they just plain inaccurate?

One example of a relatively new concept that many advertising scholars seem to fail to agree on is that of engagement. Engagement is a concept that is still in need of further study and in research studies needs to be tied it in with the effect of advertising. This is especially true in the ever-growing digital and new media landscape, through which advertising has been experiencing a great upheaval and a change in how consumers digest advertising and media.

One of the main problems with theoretical advertising research is just that – it’s theoretical. Theoretical research can be difficult to apply to a marketing or advertising company’s objectives. Although the research tends to be very sophisticated and revealing, the practicality can be lacking.

Another problem is discovering and determining the effects of advertising in a digital and economic landscape that is constantly changing. For an advertising or marketing company to allocate funds in a way that it fulfills company objectives can be difficult when you don’t know what to expect. A company must be flexible and resourceful to survive in a world that is becoming faster, smaller and more unpredictable.

Advertising research studies must also reflect such flexibility by being able to look ahead and discover new trends. Thus, it might be of great importance to ditch obsolete methods of research in favor of ones that will correctly reflect the current circumstances. Advertising researchers ought to know how to leave behind archaic forms of research while maintaining and improving upon current research methods. They also must not be afraid to use new research tools.

With the new digital landscape coming into play, we are finding that the world is becoming more interconnected. As different cultures begin to interact with each other more often, researchers are coming to realize that cultural differences also influences research outcomes and how they are carried out. Thus one must be aware of drawing conclusions from researchers who are only saddling on only one point of view.

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