How to Avoid Common Mistakes when Choosing Marketing Companies to Handle Your SEO Advertising

Staff Writer Name: Elizabeth Hachet


Date: 07.25.2012

With the increased visibility the internet provides, many people are using the help of SEO specialists to build their website. This is a great way to promote your company; however, don’t forget to check on these basic things before you hire either a company or an individual to promote your website.

You want to make certain that your website represents both you and your business positively. This helps to attract more people to purchase your products or service. Having your website ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing is the best way to attract new customers. A specialist in the field of search engine optimization can promote your website using search engine optimization.

What You Should Ask a Writer You Are Considering:

Many people enjoy the benefits of outsourcing their search engine optimization. There are some wonderful and exciting ways to get a talented specialist to do work for you. Hiring the right specialist involves time and research; however, this will pay off in the end when you get the best specialist for your needs.  There are a few questions that you can ask a writing specialist to help you determine if their skill set is right for you.

Two options are currently available for hiring a specialist to write your web content: you can hire either an individual writer, or find a company can write the material you need. Before you decide that you should hire the individual or company for your needs, make sure they have the following qualities and skills:

–           The ability to research and write content from that research. You don’t want a cut and pasted sample from Wikipedia on your website; you’re hiring someone to create unique, original content.

–           The ability to meet deadlines. You should be able to count on receiving their work when agreed upon. It is ideal to test the waters and give the writer or company with a small task first before giving them the responsibility of a large one.

–           Some idea of what your topic is about. It is possible to become an expert by researching the subject matter, but make sure your writer is able to understand the topic and produce content on it.

Most writers will not do a free sample for you. This is because many people have taken advantage of these writers who provide free samples; however, you can ask to see samples of their current work and the writer you are considering should be happy to provide them.
Always remember to ask is what the writers’ payment policy is. Some writers will have a policy that you have to pay upfront, while others have a policy that you must pay half upfront.

Offering half payment upfront can work well for both you and the writer. It ensures that the writer is more motivated to work to finish the project, and you aren’t out the entire fee if the writer can’t do the job. It is wise to pay via PayPal, where you can dispute the writer’s payment if they don’t finish the project.
Asking for a résumé is a great way to see someone’s condensed experience. If you are interested in working with a company, ask to see websites they’ve designed or packages they’ve produced and speak to previously satisfied customers. Following these steps when hiring a writer will help you determine which professional is the best specialist for you.

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