How to Begin Naming Your Business or Product with the Help of Marketing Companies Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.05.2012


Naming a business, brand or product can be a hard job for marketing companies Los Angeles. Marketing firms can sometimes take a long time coming up with a decent name – anywhere between six days, six weeks, or even six months.

Some marketers take as much care in naming a company or product as they would in naming their own child. Indeed, coming up with names can sometimes be a big part of many marketing jobs Los Angeles. Marketing firms recognize that coming up with a name is not an easy undertaking, and there seem to be no hard and fast rules for naming brands and products.

For example, the one expert who made the rule “no made-up names” doesn’t seem to account for many of the famous products that break that very rule recognized by advertising firms Los Angeles. Marketing firms also acknowledge that the rule about no numbers in the title is often broken by brands such as 37signals.

If you’re under a time constraint and don’t have six weeks to find a solid name, there are a number of basic guidelines to consider that may expedite the naming process. Remember that there are no hard and fast rules, as one will undoubtedly stray from them.

For one, the name should be easy to pronounce and spell, and ideally short. The name should also be memorable. Pigeonholing yourself with a too-specific name could be a bad idea if you plan on expanding your business to new locations or making new products later on.

Don’t use names that double as negative connotations or bad words in other languages or countries. Also, just stay away from negative connotations in general, as well as names that isolate specific groups of people. Stay away from names that have existing trademarks or copyrights.  Finally, be sure of the name’s domain availability. If it isn’t available currently, check and see when the domain expires before you can register with it again.

Domain names and domain availability can sometimes be major issues in naming. Like we’ve said before, naming is tough, but an even tougher task is getting a name for the same business or product that requires a “.com.”  Coming up with a name that also has Internet domain availability can be a huge deterrent, yet with some time you can figure out a solid name that also has domain availability.  That comes with some brainstorming.

Brainstorming doesn’t mean just making up any name that you think fits your brand. Help narrow down names by asking yourself several questions about your brand, then make as long a list as you can of words that fit your brand identity.

First, ask yourself the most basic of questions, such as what your product does. Also, what does the brand’s industry in general do and what is its purpose? How does it stand out from the competition and make it unique? How does your product benefit customers? What are the key ingredients that go into making your product? Is there any specific industry-related lingo in this industry, or unique expressions?

By brainstorming with assistance from your colleagues and avoiding copyright pitfalls, coming up with a brand name shouldn’t be quite as daunting.

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