How to Build an Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign with Web Marketing Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.14.2012


Any professional involved in web marketing Los Angeles knows that in order to create an effective mobile marketing campaign, you must have a convincing and evocative call to action for mobile users.

Without a great call to action, an otherwise well-planned and thought out marketing campaign can fail on the mobile level, as it results in less user engagement.

A call to action is the one and only connection between you (the brand or company) and your consumers. In order to create the best calls to action, there are several features that a mobile call to action should ideally contain.

In a solid call to action, the incentive is made clear to the consumer. Give the consumer clear and easy to follow instructions, such as “scan this bar code” or “text such and such number to receive such and such or get a discount.” Such instructions should also include a clear incentive for the consumer.

Having your consumer understand and receive this incentive establishes trust between you and them, even if the incentive is not a monetary one. For instance, if you’re in the business of video marketing Los Angeles, the incentive could be a web video exclusive to those who text the right code. A consumer will be engaged with the best incentive.

Whatever the incentive may be, it is important to make sure that you clearly communicate the incentive and are certain that your audience understands the instructions in order to receive the incentive. Two of the biggest roadblocks a consumer will come across in a mobile call to action is when the consumer either doesn’t know how to operate it, or when there ends up being a software error.

Mobile usage requires that the process be as easy and seamless as possible. Avoid overly complex web links or trying QR codes in areas without cell service. Also avoid SMS text requests that could be easily misinterpreted. Remember that not everyone using a cell phone is going to be technologically apt, so make the process as easy and “dummy-friendly” as you can possibly make it.

Mobile marketing can be challenging, as the many Internet-capable mobile devices out there have various degrees of capability and usability. Make sure your content is mobile optimized and mobile friendly across any and every operating system. California search engine optimization can also allow you to have your website optimized for maximum traffic, both on and off a mobile device.

Make it usable across the board, otherwise the consumers will be annoyed with and easily dismiss internet content that doesn’t tailor to their mobile device. You can also choose to have more than one way for consumers to get to your content via mobile, such as applying both an SMS text call to action and an non-app URL.

One very important aspect to keep in mind in your mobile call to action is that you are not marketing to a device, but to the person who owns the device. A successful call to action will sync up the mobile marketing experience with other cross-channel marketing strategies, instead of the mobile marketing just standing alone. Finally, make sure that your brand’s personality isn’t lost within your mobile call to action.

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