How to Check Google Page Rank.

Page Rank is one of the premier methods used by Google to determine a page’s relevance. This technique is becoming all the more important as Page Rank fraud is assuming serious proportion where offending websites utilize 301 or 302 redirects to link their sites to websites with higher Page Rank. The use of quality, legal and perfectly safe “white hat” optimization methods ascertain a website’s ranking in the front page of Google. In this context the key points to be considered are:

01)      Releasing content timely – As search engines penalize websites which acquire too many back links within a very short time, it becomes imperative for reputed search engines to ensure that the website owners have their personal time release program to forestall their site from being penalized.

02)      At the time of submitting the list of keywords, the search engines locate forums, publishers and websites relevant to particular website content and keywords. This prevents untargeted back links as they have a bad influence on search engine optimization efforts.

03)      Web customers should avail of the reports circulated by search engines each time a new submission is added. In this manner, the website owners are aware of the links that have been created, their origin, number and other factors related to link building. This is a technique which guarantees that the content is beneficial and search engine friendly.


A website’s ranking on Google depends on usage of targeted keywords and on enhancing the indexing frequency of the site by search engines. This can only be achieved by turning the website into an authoritative portal in order to bring in additional traffic and to ensure that Google trusts the website. To judge the authority of the website, web users depend on Google Page Rank score. This can be assessed by Google tool bar but if this facility is not available for Google chrome browsers, it becomes difficult for web users to ascertain the authority of the website. Under such circumstances, a small  bookmarklet  permits the checking of Page Rank on any web page in Google chrome browser. This involves simple procedures like dragging the Google Page Rank bookmark onto the browser’s tool bar and clicking on it whenever one desires to check the Page Rank of the site.


In case the browser bookmarklet tool bar is hidden, pressing “Ctl and B” enables the web users to view the tool bar. This bookmark can be used in Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to check Page Rank. The free Google Page Rank checking tool also permits the checking of any webpage or website’s Page Rank. To use this simple tool, one should enter the URL of any webpage in the input box and click on the Page Rank button to assess the ranking score. This is a free tool option besides other option such as Google tool bar, Firefox plug-ins and bookmarklets. Checking Google Page Rank on-line is a simple procedure involving pasting of the website URL into an input box and clicking a button. To check a specific page on the website, one should ensure that the full path of that particular page is included.

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