How To Find An Ad Agency That Best Works For Web 2.0 Site Advertising

lolajane, Staff Writer October 7, 2009

A web 2.0 agency focuses on advertising that takes place in an interactive fashion. Web 2.0 sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter are all interactive sites that encourage individuals to participate as frequently as they want. Millions of people use these sites making them a breeding ground for advertisers. With so many users, the web 2.0 sites can be extremely lucrative for a business. Agencies that specialize in web 2.0 advertising are just starting to become popular alternatives to traditional web advertising.


The opportunity to increase sales goes beyond just advertising. The best ad agency web sites will give a brief outline of the services they will provide to enhance your web 2.0 image. Well placed advertisements on the major web 2.0 sites is helpful, but only part of the solution. To really boost sales, you will need some sort of motivation for users to click on your links. The best ad agency web sites will accomplish this and more. Seeing as how web 2.0 sites are highly interactive, the advertisements placed on these sites can be too. An agency web site for 2.0 users can be just as interactive. By encouraging prospective clients to participate on a regular basis, you are going to retain web site traffic and increase sales. One easy way to do this is through some sort of game. This does not have to a complicated thing, something simple will easily suffice. You are not looking to make the next bestselling video game; rather you want to increase your name recognition. This works best in the non-professional field– if your business deals more with the older business professional clientele, this may not be appropriate.


The agency you ultimately decide to work with should recognize the fluidity of web 2.0 sites. This means that they are ever changing, ever updating, and keeping current with happenings. This happens in real time now, since people can update their web 2.0 sites from their cell phones now. Twitter allows consumers to interact with others from their phone. The cycling champion Lance Armstrong had a large following during the 2009 Tour de France as he constantly updated his Twitter page while he was not on the bike. His posts ranged from reviews of the day’s stage to what he was listening to on his iPod. Regardless of the content of his posts,


Armstrong has generated a strong following.

This is important because of name recognition and branding. The presence of an agency web works by making people think of your company when thinking of purchasing services or products that you provide. In the case of Lance Armstrong, his foundation Livestrong immediately comes to mind. Armstrong has created a huge following for his cancer research foundation and has raised millions of dollars to help fight the disease. Armstrong has continued to raise awareness over the years and has built a strong brand because of it.


While it is unlikely that your company will grow as popular as a brand like Livestrong, there are several lessons to be learned from such companies. The first is through awareness. Regardless of the products or services you are selling, you will want individuals to think of your business first. Building a strong brand is difficult and may take some time, but the rewards make it worth the work. This creates an emotional attachment to your products that is not easily broken.

You will need to also have a way for customers to interact with both your company and other customers. A forum is a great starting point. This keeps customers chatting about your company, your products, your competition, and news in your niche market. This may sound like a lot of work to monitor, but it is actually quite simple. You can create a separate thread for each topic you wish to have discussed on your site. This can be as few as a couple, or as many as several dozen. This will keep your site relevant and current to the latest news within your industry.

Another simple solution is a blog. Your company could be the author of the blog, or you can encourage visitors to submit their own materials. Either way, your site will be considered by search engines to be more relevant since the content will be updated on a more regular basis. The higher your search engine relevance, the more likely your hyperlink will be displayed more frequently and thus will receive more clicks. However, the inclusion of search engine optimization keywords is the most effective way to increase your search engine relevance. By combining frequent blogging with search engine optimization, your web site’s popularity will soar.

Most importantly, web 2.0 sites are social networking tools. Each individual with a page is indirectly connected with thousands of others, or sometimes even more. By getting one person to talk about you and your site, their friends on the network will all see thanks to real time updates by the frequenters of these sites. Just one response can bloom into several as more and more people are exposed to your products.


One other popular approach to web 2.0 sites is video sharing forums. YouTube is the most prominent of these sites. Rather than just being able to post written advertisements and still life photographs, businesses are able to give more in depth visual presentations. Commercials, infomercials, and consumer education pieces all can benefit your business. By displaying your contact information, you will see an increase in web site visitor hits. Many web 2.0 sites do play commercials that cannot be skipped prior to the featured video, which presents another opportunity for advertising.


In short, the web 2.0 marketing approach is still a rather new phenomenon. The presence of web 2.0 sites has already shown their benefits, though. Advertisements, both written and visual, have for the most part been integrated into the web 2.0 community. By utilizing these methods, an advertising agency can increase exposure of you and your brand to your target demographics. You can find these agencies by searching the Internet or asking other business owners for their recommendations.

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