How to Find Freelance Writers to Create Amazing Content

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9. 12. 2012


As a Los Angeles search engine optimization professional, you very well know how important great content is to effective SEO. Traffic pours in easily after linking great content on your site. What isn’t so easy, however, is getting that great content in the first place.

The question of where to find great freelance writers comes up frequently in Los Angeles SEO circles. If you’re asking yourself where and how to find some of the best freelancers your money can buy, you may be surprised by the answers.

Common Sources for Content Writers

Website owners have several options when it comes to obtaining or outsourcing content.

There are content brokers, PR firms and freelancer platforms that specialize in compiling freelance writers from various fields. Most of these options, however, more often than not provide mixed results.

While these options could work for projects of lesser priority that doesn’t require amazing writing, the quality likely won’t make the cut when dealing with clients with high expectations. Content brokers and freelance directories also generally don’t translate well to your overall content marketing campaign or link building program.

Craigslist Ads

You may be surprised to find, then, that advertising on Craigslist or other free classifieds can be a solid strategy towards finding great content.

To test out writers, specify in the ad that you’re looking for writers for a temporary assignment that will be used to evaluate which candidates will be used in the long-term.

Be as specific as possible about your wants and needs. If you need someone with specific expertise, for instance, or if you need local candidates only, state it clearly in the ad. Also be clear about how much you’re willing to pay, whether it per article or per project order.

If needed, have them submit a writing sample along with their resume. The writing sample should preferably be published live on the internet, and the candidate should be able to link it in the body of the email.

You’ll need to be ruthless in your selectivity. Your inbox will likely be flooded with responses to your Craiglist ad, so if there’s even one thing about a candidates application that’s slightly off, put it in the trash.

Getting Your Team Together

Your inbox will likely be full of inquiries after one day. Take down your Craigslist ad after a couple days and go over the applications. Carefully read through the writing samples and narrow down your list to a few prospects. Reading every inquiry may be daunting, but it’s especially important if you’re looking for niche-specific content and writers.

Once you get these writers started on their assignments, you may find that

It’s smart to gather a team of three or so writers, which is a manageable number. Candidates with experience in WordPress should have an edge so that way you don’t have to spend a lot of time uploading their content on the web or teaching them how to do so.

Also keep an eye out for writers who are regular guest posters on other sites. Not only will this show that they’re regularly published and already well-regarded in the community, but that they understand the value of linking and SEO Los Angeles.

Once you get these writers started on their assignments, you may find more than one candidate that you love. If this ends up being the case, multiple writers will help you handle larger projects. Having too many good writers on your team, after all, is better than having too few.

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