How to find the right Search Marketing Firm that fits your Budget

Staff writer: Kate Kishel

Date: 7.25.2012


Marketing firms can be expensive.  It can be difficult to search for a marketing firm that fits your budget without sacrificing quality. Before you begin looking for a search marketing firm, you should ask yourself these questions:


What is my budget for marketing?

What would I want the marketing firm to do for me?



First, come up with a bottom line for how much you can pay for marketing.  If your budget is less than what the crème de la crème of firms that do it all and do it well charge, the next step is to determine what direction you want your marketing campaign to go.  Some possible avenues are:


  • Ads
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • SEO


First, do some research about what you think your target demographic(s) would like and those they may shy away from.  Also remember some helpful hints:


1. Ads


Ad blockers have become so prevalent and easy to install that people might not even see your banner or ad on a website.  Also, most people are suspicious of clicking on ads for fear of accidentally downloading a virus.  Overall, they are generally viewed as nuisances.  Also be cognizant of where your ads are being placed.  Placing a banner for a toy for children on an adult-themed website might not only make your company look questionable initially but come back to haunt you later.


2. Social Media


Social media marketing can be great, but only for a certain demographic.  If you remember nothing else about posts, remember that people hate spam.  Offer something helpful or useful to your subscribers and followers instead of random postings.  Coupons, true words of wisdom, updates on past clients, and links to a news or T.V. appearance are usually winners.


Like your Facebook fans, your followers on Twitter also reflect your business.  It might be a bad idea to have thousands of followers on Twitter if 90% of them represent adult websites (given that is not congruent with the image of your business).


3.  Public Relations


Hiring a PR firm for internet marketing is another option.  Although more expensive, a quality PR firm can get your name in the right place where it will be seen on a high traffic site by hundreds of thousands of potential customers.  The down side can be the cost, and you would likely NOT have a large number of features on major sites with a limited budget.  However, being featured on major websites can also be a good portfolio builder.


4.  SEO


Another choice is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  There are many different theories on SEO and how to best do it.  If your website is at the top of the first page on Google when searching for a generic and popular term such as “dating advice,” you’ve got it made.  You will have tons of traffic with minimal work.  However, the only thing that is known for sure about the algorithm Google uses is that Google is always changing it.


It can be tough when you first begin looking for a search marketing firm, especially when you have a budget and so many different choices.  It is crucial that you plan ahead and have a clear direction of what your business needs to be successful.

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