How to Get the Most Out Your Search Engine Optimization Cost Spent on Email Lists

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.12.2012


A search engine optimization specialist knows the cliché “money is the in the list” when it comes to email mailers.  The number of email addresses is important, but it shouldn’t be the only concern.  A list should be “smart.”


What does this mean exactly?  It means asking yourself if you know the gender of your email list and do the individuals want to hear about all of your products or only some.  Your business can greatly benefit from knowing the answers and it’s quite easy to track.  Optimizing your email lists is something you might really want to figure in to your search engine optimization cost.

Make a list of all the attributes you would want to know about email recipients, such as: whether they are male or female, their age range, their hobbies, and any other information that helps you to better meet their needs.  Once you’ve got your list, decide what’s more important to them and what’s most important to you.  Your consultant can the create a campaign that lets people choose what news interests them.


After a few days of sending out your first qualification email you should reach the maximum amount of clicks and your data will be in.  Email service providers give a list of those who used the links on your emails and allow you to create spreadsheets in excel or any other spreadsheet you use.  In one of those programs, you can see the number of clicks on each link and group similar links together, like if you are a shopping site you can group by department.


Once that’s set up, the next step is making custom fields.  Nearly all email marketing platforms can do this.  To see what goes into these fields, return to your list of attributes.  Which custom fields you want to use depends on what your products are.  It will take some tinkering to decide which are more important or effective.  Don’t try to test more than one at a time.  Too much data at once won’t allow you to see what’s working for you and what doesn’t.  Some other things to try dividing your groups is “free-shipping” and ones who prefer discounts.

Remember that it might take awhile before useable data is actually received, because only a small amount of your list will actually provide you with clicks.  Don’t get discouraged, just wait until after multiple emails have been sent out before going over the data.  Keep in mind that not every click will be an accurate representation of that recipient.  Sometimes they are shopping for someone else.

This information helps your consultant group interests and tailors the emails to help maximize sales for your website.  People are more likely to click links that pertain to them vests receiving a lot of emails and only some of them interest them.  Those emails just end up in the spam folder or trash bin.  That’s not very cost effective for you, especially when you could be maximizing the use of your list just by categorizing it and sending out a different email to each suited group.

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