How to Handle Writer’s Block on Your Business Blog

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9.10.2012

When writing and maintaining a company blog, it’s smart to be consistent. This can be made difficult, however, when you’re stuck on what to write about next.

In this case, sometimes the smartest way to prevent against writer’s block is to understand your own creative patterns; once your creative juices start pumping, come up with lots of topics to write about for future blog posts and stockpile those posts for a later date, when you’re feeling dry creatively. If you haven’t performed this preventative measure, however, you might have trouble reaching for topics to write about. Fortunately for you, there are several ways to curb writer’s block in order to write consistent blog posts.

When you’ve gone creatively bust, look around you. More specifically, check on the news, trends, and events in your industry, as well as the people in it who make a difference. If, for instance, you’re blogging for a Los Angeles SEO company, you’ll want to check out the latest news regarding Los Angeles SEO.

See if you can’t draw inspiration from current events and allow them to compliment your blog topic. Don’t just report the news, because everyone else is doing that; instead, twist it into an informative article and add your own two cents to the issue. The news you write about doesn’t have to make headlines, either, especially if you’re targeting a niche market.

When you’re grasping for straws in the blogging sphere, perhaps a goldmine for creative ideas can be found in the comments of previous blog posts. You can also help yourself out by distracting yourself from coming up with new blog topics and address commenters. You’ll likely draw new traffic by respectfully creating a discussion in your website’s forum or comments. Bring up any objections you might have with another commenter’s views, but by all means do it respectfully and constructively. You could risk offending people if you’re not careful and courteous.

In lieu of discussions with commenters, you can also choose to agree with a commenter’s post while also adding additional expertise to the person’s points. You can also make expert comments on other boards in your market and link back to your website. The technique on commenting on another blog should be used sparingly however, as you don’t want to be perceived as stealing the original blogger’s thunder with persistent comments and backlinking.

The Internet provides an endless stream of resources on just about any topic imaginable. You can possibly use this to your advantage in a blog post by linking to relevant resource material and elaborating on it in the blog’s content.

Look through your blog archives. See if you can’t use ideas from one of your older articles in order to create an entirely new article. For example, if you previously wrote about seven different techniques for finding keywords for SEO Los Angeles, then perhaps you’ll want to write an article focusing on just one technique for finding keywords.

These techniques can be used to keep your blog updated and even inspire you until your creative juices bubble once again.

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