How to Maintain Your Blog’s Upkeep

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9.11.2012

You probably know that writing consistent blog entries is instrumental to keeping your blog alive, yet there’s more to do in maintaining the upkeep of your blog. Blogging can reap a lot of creative, original content, and thus reap a lot of benefits for your business, but only if you perform all the right moves to keep it in good shape.

One of the best protective measures you should implement in your blog is to protect it from spammers. If you don’t add a layer of security to your blog, spambots will detect it and begin posting comments with spammy links. Spam overtaking your comments could be costly to your blog. Most secure blogs require registration and logging in before one can post comments, which is an effective security measure from spam.

Don’t let your search engine optimization Los Angeles blog go too long with updates. Although you don’t need to update every day, set up a blogging schedule for yourself that’s consistent and regular. If you post infrequently or rarely, not only will your blog shrivel by the lack of traffic in response to your lack of updates, but it could very well hurt your brand name’s reputation, as users will think your business is floundering. Posting weekly or twice a week at least is a good plan to start with.

Don’t put up a blog post if it isn’t informative or useful to your readers. You must have something to say, with a fresh, unique point of view. “Boring” posts are posts that have nothing to contribute to the conversation, and you obviously don’t want a boring post. An engaging post, on the other hand, is one that readers can use to their advantage and practically implement in real life. In writing your content, remember who your target audience is and how they will likely use their content. Keep up to date on the latest industry news and comment upon it with your own knowledge and expertise. Also, furbish your blog entries with natural Los Angeles search engine optimization.

You can also find guest posters to publish their expert opinions on your blog, which can be retrieved with the help of a Los Angeles SEO company.

Remember when writing a blog to not turn it into a book. On the contrary, the only instance where length makes a difference is if it’s just too large. If the only content you’ve got to publish in your stockpile of ideas is a 200-word blurb, then don’t worry about stretching out. For longer, more comprehensive blog posts, you can divide the content into smaller blog posts. This also helps in keeping a steady backlog of posts.

So you’ve written several blog posts and, finally, you’ve got people reading and commenting on it. Great! However, you can’t just pat yourself on the back and do nothing else. Respond back to any comments, elaborating on any good points the commenter might have, or constructively disagreeing with someone’s point by reinforcing your point with expert knowledge. If someone gives negative feedback, keep your cool and respond with a constructive comment.

If you take protective measures and improve your blog, you’ll find it thriving in the long-run.

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