How to Make Email Marketing Effective

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9.10.2012

Email newsletters are one effective method of building and maintaining an audience and client base for your SEO company Los Angeles or small business. Once you start consistently sending emails to your subscribers, your subscribers will become more and more accustomed to your presence in their inbox. In order to make yourself a welcome addition in their inbox instead of another piece of throw-away mail, here are several email marketing tips to keep your subscribers loyal.

One of the most important aspects of email marketing to remember is that you must develop your own unique brand through them by keeping a consistent voice and aesthetic throughout each email. You don’t want to be perceived as a spammer, as spam usually goes straight to the trash can. Here are several ways in which you can breed trust through your emails.

Firstly, you must use the same, consistent sender name each time you send an email newsletter. If need be, let any new subscribers know about your sender name so that they can filter your sender name out of the spam filter. Whether the sender name is that of your company, your product, or even your own name, it must be the one you use every time.

All of your emails should also be as pleasing to the eyes of your subscribers. Emails should be aesthetically pleasing, with a nice-looking preview pane that says consistent through each email. Make sure, also, that the preview pane grabs the reader’s attention and makes him want to read further. Your preview pane must also be well formatted in email form, else it might get sent to the trash can.

It’s also helpful to ask for feedback on your emails or your campaign. No-reply emails can be a major turn-off in this respect. Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be for a subscriber to send feedback. You can provide a forum through which customers can ask questions, or use a customer service email. If a customer sends negative criticism, it might sting initially, but remember that notes of improvement are for the good of your email campaign.

There should be no excuse for a subscriber to be unable to contact you. That’s why you should always include your contact information somewhere on the email page. Providing a physical address and even a photo of your business’ building, is ideal. Your contact information should also be in the same place in the email every time.

The best place to put your complete contact information is in the footer of the email. This is the most common place to place contact information for any email newsletter, and swaying customer expectations by putting it someplace new every time will not to be your benefit; to the contrary, it could be frustrating to a reader trying to find your contact information.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on email design. Stay simple and consistent while also being eye-catching with complimentary colors. What matters in email marketing is good content, not so much the design properties and look of the email. Using a bit of Los Angeles SEO in your email newsletters isn’t a shabby idea, either.

Your email’s appearance can be just as important as your email’s content, so it’s important to keep both in mind when trying to build trust in your subscriber base. If you need more assistance in this field, contact a fellow marketer or a professional SEO Los Angeles for more tips.

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