How to Market and Raise Funds for Non-Profit Organizations with Los Angeles Search Engine Marketing

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.06.2012


Some of the largest non-profit organizations in the world hold fundraisers where they often raise millions of dollars. Which begs the question, how do they raise that much money? Also, what can marketers learn from these fundraising efforts and local search marketing Los Angeles.

Marketing firms know that, interestingly enough, although it’s a marketer’s job to raise consumer awareness of businesses, they aren’t experts at maximum fundraising quite like non-profits are. Here, we can learn the tricks of the trade from a non-profit professional in order to earn the maximum amount of profits.

One of the first steps of the fundraising process is to build a good case for your organization. Why should people support you? You should go the distance to answer this question in a convincing manner. As a non-profit, you should clearly tell them why you are asking for a donation and how it will help others. Get people to not only donate, but invest in the success of your business.

Your appeal for donations should be humanizing, urgent and personal. The best fundraising efforts are ones that have real stories behind that are affecting and powerful. These stories can be displayed alongside images and videos for the best result in having future investors understand the impact your non-profit will have on the rest of the world.

If you are a start-up non-profit, the founding organization has a responsibility to also donate to the cause they’re in business for. Marketers can learn from this practice by investing more time in the products they are marketing and furthering their own understanding of their brands and clients.

Non-profits should also keep up the stewardship year-round in order to keep their current donors up to date, well as recruiting new donors. Non-profits should return the favor to their donors by sending them a personalized thank-you note or even a small gift.

Find more donors by first focusing on the most obvious prospects. Find recruits from your own small groups of volunteers, asking them who would be interested in the cause. You can also ask your constituents or people who serve you regularly, such as accountants and lawyers, for an annual donation.

Fundraising in large numbers can seem daunting to those who are untrained in the process. That’s why, as the head board member of your non-profit, you should get your board and committee members acquainted with the concept of fundraising success.

Make fundraising less daunting by getting everyone involved in training and understanding the process of successful fundraising. Learn different methods of fundraising, such as Los Angeles search engine marketing and outdoor advertising Los Angeles. Non-profits who are fully trained in fundraising will then become more comfortable with asking for donations.

Nowadays, the Internet and email are one of the best ways to get in touch with donors. Develop an email newsletter to send to donors on your mailing list monthly or weekly. You can also strategize the best times to send out emails to maximize the amount of donations received. If possible, personalize these email updates to each donor.

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