How to promote through traffic exchange programs using credits and the traffic exchange directory and co.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Generating real traffic to your site is the visit or visits of an actual person or persons to your website.  This is the source of income and the best way of selling your product or service on the internet.


While there are many ways for a webmaster to generate traffic to their site most marketers not only want the clicks to their site but the actual visitor and possible sale.  Real traffic includes real prospects and real sales.  Hence it is very important for the webmaster to target the real traffic through various tools and techniques.


Generating hits to your site quickly results in higher ranking in the search engines.  If you chose to build your clicks or hits to your site through programs such as autosurf traffic exchanges your sales volume may not increase while building your click volume to your site as autosurfs do not require the members to view other members’ sites.  They are a great way to generate hits to your site while having your hands free to work on something else.


There are many ways to achieve hits to your site without an actual visitor.  A spider program that crawls through your site is one.  This is software in which you enter the websites in which you want the spider to visit and set it to go.  It will remain clicking on your sites building clicks to your site until you stop it.


These are great ways to generate the clicks but you will not be building an interested audience or producing a sales volume while building your business.  Ground work needs to be included.


The Internet is flooded with ways to advertise your business.  And among the favorites are the traffic exchanges.    A traffic exchange is a site where webmasters join to advertise their sites to one another.  Traffic exchanges are normally free to join and the webmaster will receive credits upon joining.  Traffic exchange credits can be used put towards views to your website or banner advertisements.  The webmaster will be able to earn additional traffic exchange credits through viewing other members’ ads or websites.   This is a great place for friendship between webmasters as they help one another to generate visits to their sites.  They can participate in weekly or monthly contests that the traffic exchange owner may offer winning cash or credit prizes and become part of a “community” with other webmasters.  Traffic exchanges are also a great way for a webmaster to build a downline.  Incentives such as credits and cash are normally rewarded for bringing in new members.


When looking for traffic exchange to join it is typical to look for the “best” traffic exchanges on the Internet.  And, there are many.  Traffic exchanges are popping up every day and many offer great incentives for members to join.  A traffic exchange directory will take you to each of the traffic exchanges in their directory and tell a little about each.  Using a traffic exchange directory is a great way to compare sites and quickly learn about each.  You will have information of traffic exchanges at your fingertips.


Today on the Internet there are many different types of traffic exchanges.  However the autosurf and the manual traffic exchange still remain the most popular.  The manual traffic exchange is considered the best for product promotion along with generating hits to the webmasters site.


Video and blogging traffic exchange is another form of traffic exchanges.  Although these are not actually “traffic exchange site” they are ways to generate additional traffic to your site.


Owning your own traffic exchange is another value that many webmasters are discovering.  Through owning your own traffic exchange you are building a reputation and a following.  There are so many sites on the Internet for traffic exchange owners to exchange ideas with one another and share valuable information.  Traffic Exchange Co is one.  At Traffic Exchange Co, a traffic exchange owner will be able to learn different techniques and share thoughts on such things as web site rotators and banner rotators.  They will tell traffic exchange owners which are the best to use and why.  Many discussions will be addressed such as traffic exchange co ops and the advantages.  It is a great place for traffic exchange owners to keep informed and know that they are providing themselves, their site and their members with the most up to date and best software, scripts and applications to keep their traffic exchange as productive as possible.


If you are considering building or purchasing your own traffic exchange do some background research and know what there is and the best features that the scripts have to offer along with the best support.  You will want to make certain that you have a site that can grow and handle its growth; while it also helps you prosper.


Being an owner to a traffic exchange program requires dedication.  It will take long hours and promotion as with any other business.  However when properly promoted, it will yield you recognition on the Internet along with generating an income.  As an owner you will want to build a relationship with your members and to do so you will need to provide excellent support.  This will be accomplished through the timely response to support tickets and through weekly emails detailing information on the site for the week, such as contest winners if you had a surfing contest, the site stats and any changes or updates to the site.  You may also want to through in tidbits of marketing techniques to help further your site.


There are many scripts available on the net and there are many traffic exchange networks that sell pre made sites.  For the marketer that wishes to own his own traffic exchange but does not have the knowledge or ability to build their own site this is an option.  However before actually buying one, it is essential to learn a few basics about handling the traffic exchange sites as without that information it will be difficult to further the business.



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