How to Promote Your SEO Services with a Solid Case Study

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9. 12. 2012


Trying to sell your Los Angeles SEO company services to new clients can be a difficult task. Most of clients will likely have, at most, a basic understanding of what SEO does – and that’s if you’re lucky! Some clients are understandably wary of buying into a service they understand so little about. After all, why should they invest so much money in you when there’s a “cheap” SEO service right around the corner? You know you can give them better services for the money, but how do you convince future clients that this is the case?

Writing an awesome case study can get clients on your side.

Most case studies that fail, fail in the same ways: for one, they tend to have too much industry jargon for the layperson to truly understand what SEO does. Case studies also tend to have little in the way of an emotional payoff for the reader, so there stands little intimacy between you and a prospective client.

Also, be clear on the fact that case studies are not advertisements. A case study tells of a previous success story with previous clients, yet they shouldn’t stand as advertisements for those clients. You’re promoting your own SEO Los Angeles company, not theirs.

The best case studies out there tell a story instead of outright selling to a prospective client. Instead of telling prospective clients how you handled a crisis or became successful, tell it as a story with a beginning, middle and end.

To construct the story, give all the details of the issue as if the prospective client has never heard it before. Start with the crisis a previous client was facing, their business standing at the time, and how you came up with a solution. Describe the process you undertook and how long it took. If there was a measurable success, post it.

While describing your process to come up with a solution, this is also a chance to highlight you work methods, as well as what it’s like for clients to work with your search engine optimization Los Angeles company. Painting a clear picture can get clients to imagine working with you.

In order to attract readers, a case study should also have a powerful headline. A headline should concisely describe the results clients should come to expect out of your company, such as “Learn How We Increased Revenue of X Company by 68%!”

When a prospective client reads your case study, he may wonder if such results are typical of other clients. If you can furbish proof of this, mention how your work has devised similar results for other clients.

Even if you have written a great case study, will it be relevant to your client? There are different kinds of businesses out there, all of whom will be looking for SEO services. Will the case study you wrote about a B2C client be relevant to a non-profit or B2B client? You may need to redraft a case study that is relevant to each type of business in order to generate more interest.

A powerful SEO case study will clearly illustrate how you generated great results for previous clients while also keeping readers invested in your company and your story. If you strike the right note with your case study, you should expect a positive response from future clients.

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