How to promote your website online through URL submission.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/3/2009

Every Internet user is subject to online promotion from the second they turn on their computer to the second they turn if off.  It is everywhere.  And, it is productive.  How to promote your business commonly know as how to promote your website has become a business in itself, with many skilled professionals taking business owners straight to the top of the Internet world.

So, how do you decide where to begin?  Begin from ground zero.  If this is your first time on the net marketing a business, you will be flooded with innovative ideas and methods and will have much to learn.  Research and construction is the key here.  If you are an affiliate to a business with your website set up, you will have less ground work involved.  However, you will also not have the knowledge of the keywords that the company utilizes for search engine results, thus, possibly putting you back at ground zero.  In this case you may choose to design your own website, using your own keywords or keyword phrase to promote.  In either case, you will have a few things to keep in mind.  Where is your company now?  Where do you want it to go?  How are you going to get it there?  Now, focus on your product or service.  Learn everything about what you are promoting and its benefits, the people involved and the audience that would be most interested in the product or service.  Knowing this will help you to yield more results in your advertising efforts.


You will begin with purchasing a domain.  This will be your URL or your websites address.  URL promotion is also the promoting of your website.  There are URL submission sites which you submit your URL to and it is advertised through the search engines, but we will get into that a little later.  Purchasing a domain is inexpensive to free.  There are so many places in competition with one another that the prices are rock bottom.  However, you will need hosting and this is something that you should research.  You will want to know the amount of volume or visitors to your website that your hosting plan can handle.  Obviously, if you go with a very inexpensive package you may only be able to have a designated amount of visitors on your site at once.  With high hopes you should look ahead and make certain that you have enough coverage to handle the highest volume of traffic.  Your hosting plan will also include your site builder.  A site builder is the tools in which you use to build your website.  Here to, you will want to do your research and no what tools you will need to construct the design of the website you will be building.


Now, your plan of action is ready to go into effect and advertising to begin.  You will want to concentrate on getting your business at the top of the charts in the search engines.  This will open up a stream of Internet visitors that you would never be able to reach otherwise.  A search engine is for all to use and billions utilize this service everyday.  This is your biggest arena for advertising exposure.


Gaining visitors to your site will position you higher in the search engines.  There is heavy competition out there and it is important to have the best positioning possible.  Use your keywords and keyword phrase wisely.  This will not only help you in acquiring visitors it will help you with your rankings.  Purchasing traffic is always a source to increase you number of visitors, as well as, gain you additional exposure. URL submissions are another form of having your site placed in the search engines.  However, you may still not be high in the page index.  This will depend on the competition and the number of hits or visitors to their site.


URL submission is basically the submission of your site to a service that submits your URL to search engine directories.  The advantage of this is that you will be in the search engine index immediately and the second is to have your website updated in the search engine.  The page rank of your website will rely


There is also search engine software in which one can purchase.  These softwares are good in the way that they reach the “little guy” search engines as well, which we all know, in terms to the Internet; the “little guy” can literally mean millions upon millions of people.


Ranking or position is everything in the search engines.  If you are on page 30 it is very doubtful that a user will find you.  However, if they type in their keywords or keyword phrase and you pop up on page one, chances are your site will receive a visitor.  Utilize the search engines.  This is by far your best means of exposure.


Planning and dedicating is everything, along with consistency, flexibility and persistence.  Your goal is very easy to achieve with time and dedication and the right strategic plan.  It would be literally impossible to fail if planned properly.  The Internet audience is worldwide.  You have the opportunity to sell to the entire world.   Seek out the help of a professional to ensure your success.  This may sound like unreachable means affordability wise, but the Internet is the cheapest form of marketing media there is.  You will be surprised at the prices, especially considering it extends to the entire world.  Does some background work on the professional services and know what they are offering and be familiar with the results that are typically achieved through the particular source of advertising method or methods they are offering.  Research and gain knowledge, do not go into your promotion blind.  Know what is out there, what produces results, and who is good and affordable.  Any place can promise the world, but whether they can deliver it or not is another thing.  . Promote your website for effective results.

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