How-To Set up Your PPC

This article will give you 10 easy and proven steps to creating your businesses PPC Marketing Campaign!

So you have decided that a PPC marketing account will take your business to the next level. Congratulations on that insightfulness! The list below shows you some of the basic first steps in the PPC process. Consider each one in terms of your unique business needs. The last few steps you will want to repeat every so often so that you are getting the optimum results out of each ad you have previously placed. PPC search engines and marketing campaigns are not a do it once and forget it forever process, as we will discuss a bit later.

  1. Know the purpose of your campaign
  2. Establish objectives and budget of campaign
  3. Research your market and competition
  4. Build strong keyword pool
  5. Develop optimized ad copy
  6. Develop a relevant landing page
  7. Track results
  8. Eliminate non-performing ads
  9. Expand on performing ads
  10. Go back to 7

Step 1

Knowing the purpose of what you hope to get out of the PPC marketing campaign will help you choose the search engine that will benefit your campaign the most. Know exactly what your main theme is for your business. If you are selling coffee mugs don’t get side-tracked with other items. In other words know your business, easy right!

I recommend studying your competition. See how they talk about their products and how they advertise their layouts etc. It is sometimes beneficial to be completely unique, but for the most part following the lead of others is not a bad thing when it comes to PPC search engine listings and key word usage.


Step 2

What is your PPC marketing campaign’s goal? Goals are fairly simple since you likely have many goals in mind for your business. One or more of such goals likely are what led you to wanting to know how to set up you PPC advertising campaign! Bottom line, goals keep your eye on the ball and keep you motivated and headed in the right direction.

So sit down and set a limit on how much you wish to budget for your PPC Search Engine Marketing Campaign. If you set a goal of $200, stick with it. For your first PPC advertising campaign you want to learn the ins and outs of what PPC Search Engine marketing can do for you. Don’t focus on challenging the big guys who have been set up for years now, focus on learning what you need to know. Remember practice makes perfect!


Step 3

You likely already research your product and business markets offline, so this step is nothing new to you. You already likely understand that knowing your market and the consumers, and prospective consumers, change daily so you need to stay abreast of all happenings in your businesses market.

My suggestion is check out your online competition in the online marketplaces. Look up and see what consumers see when they view your competing websites. The more you know about your competition can only help you in your PPC advertising campaign. Knowledge truly is power!

Step 4

This step if very important in the PPC advertising game! Key search words are how customers and more importantly prospective customers can locate you and your business website. Take plenty of time understanding what key words will pull up your product, service, etc. for your business.

I suggest being an online prospective customer yourself. Go experiment by typing in key words that you think will pop-up your business offerings. For example if you are selling coffee mugs and you offer personalization then consider adding the key words “personalized coffee mugs” as one set of key words in you PPC marketing account.

Step 5

This is what your prospective customer will see on the PPC Search Engine page. Make sure you have the main ideas of your website so that customers know what you are about before clicking upon your link. Customers like knowing what the ad is for so they can decide if that is what they are looking for. Be too vague and customers will likely pass you buy.

I suggest using the research you did on your competitors in the above steps and following what they are doing for now. Once you get the hang of PPC marketing and how PPC Search Engines work you can change it up some. For now keep it simple!

Step 6

Design what people will see when they click upon your ad they have located in the PPC search engine. After all that hard work getting them to your page you do not want to lose them now!

I suggest using the research you conducted in the previous steps and for now follow what you see your competitors doing. For now you are learning the online selling environment so following what works is not a bad thing. Once you get the hang of PPC marketing and online selling you change your image to what you see fit!

Step 7

This is an important step and one you will need to repeat every so often. Knowing the results you receive from each PPC Search Engine on each separate PPC marketing campaign you have set up will help you spend money where it is doing the most good. Most of the popular PPC Search Engines like Google AdWords, Yahoo, etc. make tracking your PPC advertising campaigns easy. By seeing which PPC marketing campaigns are the most successful you can plan and budget accordingly.

I suggest repeating this step for each of your PPC Search Engine accounts at least once a month, more frequently if you can do so.

Step 8

Get rid of any non-performing  ads. If your ad isn’t doing what it is supposed to do (e.g. doesn’t click through, etc.) delete it.

Step 9

The ads that work and are driving traffic to your site you will want to duplicate them since they are successful. It means your ad is working and of course, you’ll want more!

Step 10

Repeat starting at Step 7 as necessary!

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