How to Start Your SEO Content Marketing Strategy on the Right Foot

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9. 12. 2012


More and more, content marketing has been getting just the right amount of attention and its vast importance has been emphasized by Los Angeles search engine optimization professionals. Contracting freelance writers and instituting a blog, for instance, are just a couple of ways to create great content on your site. There are other strategies, some of them overlooked, which can also beef up your content marketing campaign.

As is the case with any SEO company Los Angeles, half the battle in content marketing is targeting the right keywords. Google provides a free keyword tool through which you can look up the keyword you want to use and check out its competitiveness and effectiveness.

When the keyword tool lists the keywords you wish to target, you may want to look at top keyword, which has the most query volume. However, this technique may not be worth your time, as there is a lot of competition around the top keyword and it may take a long time to see the desired results. Instead, look for low-traffic, long-tail keywords. Also make sure, when looking up keywords, that you select “Exact” in the Google match type option, as SEO Los Angeles tends to require exact matches for keywords.

Another keyword trick you can use to create your content marketing campaign is to use Google’s Autocomplete. Look up common keywords by beginning to type your keyword in the Google search field. A list of other keyword options will drop down, giving you an insight at what other users commonly search for.

Before you start your content marketing ventures, you need ideas to write about. You can find ideas in lots of different ways, not excluding social media. Listen to conversations on all the main social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, and see if you can mine some relevant content out of these conversations. You can also use social listening platforms to better filter out irrelevant conversations, such as

Another fun way to distribute content is by live blogging for events. Live blogging a special event while also involving yourself in lively discussions as its happening is a great method of getting yourself out there. You can also use live blogging tools such as TopRank Marketing to assist your ventures. Be sure the events you’re blogging about are relevant to your industry. After all, none of your customers are going to care if you’re live blogging a bowling competition if you’re creating content for a gardening website.

Contact experts in your industry and see if you can get interview from them, which will be published on your website or blog. Experts will likely reply in the positive, as interviews tend to be mutually beneficial, especially if the expert has a book to promote. You can also do a live interview with Google+ Hangouts or Skype.

These are just a few ways of creating great content out of your own resources. Creating content involves a lot of time, patience and creativity, and if you use your creative juices enough, you may just find your own innovative ways to get your good name out there.

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