How to Use Marketing Los Angeles on the Web to Find an Ideal Audience

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.04.2012


It is helpful to know your ideal prospects for products, brands and services before marketing Los Angeles. Marketing firms have the daunting task of who to target among a generally wide consumer base.

The best, most ideal product or service would have a wide-ranging, massive appeal, drawing in every consumer from all walks of life. Unfortunately, very few products can actually be marketed well for mass appeal.

Targeted marketing to specific segments of the population can be quite effective for a great number of products and services touted by a marketing agency Los Angeles. Marketing and advertisingbusinesses that are savvy often use social media to send out tweets, email newsletters, virtual invitations and Facebook updates to keep consumers up to date on their products and services.

Yet an even better method is to discover your ideal audience and target them in places that resonates the most with those customers. Therein lies the challenge: where do you find the community where your ideal prospects group up?

Consider these statistics: although costumers are flocking to the Internet to make convenient purchases, studies show that only about three percent of customers are websites are ready to buy the instant they land on the page. That means the grand majority of customers are “window-shopping,” or browsing the page.

In order to get more buyers and less window-shoppers to your web site, you should profile your best target audience. You should know as much about your target audience as possible – their purchasing habits, their demographics, their interests and needs. This way, you can paint a better picture of what your ideal customer looks like and better promote your products to them.

Write up a list of adjectives that would best describe your ideal customer. The specific personality type of your ideal customer may lead you down certain Internet paths that other paths wouldn’t yield. For example, if your target audience entails young musicians, they may much more likely be drawn to Myspace than they would be to LinkedIn; Myspace is a far better space to post and promote music than LinkedIn. Therefore, purchasing banner ad space on Myspace would probably yield more profitable results for advertising Los Angeles.

Businesses should also consider other popular websites your ideal customer likes to congregate and try to become more visible in those venues. Also find out what their favorite search engines are (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) and go from there when using search engine optimization.

You may have to do a bit of investigation in order to find out which Internet communities your target audience populates and how to best appeal to them. For example, you can search specific terms related to your brand into community sites such as Digg or Reddit. The keywords that come up with fewer results are the ones that can better accommodate your business. You can submit articles under those keywords and attract a larger readership. Also spend time reading discussion threads to find out where your ideal customer goes on the Internet.

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