How to Use Mobile Technology at Your Tradeshow Booth

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.20.2012

Professionals of search marketing Los Angeles are aware of how daunting marketing tradeshows can be. You’ve set up a booth, along with many other companies who rival you in attracting a small pool of attendees. Many of these attendees will likely come to the tradeshow already determined to visit specific booths, making it even harder for new booths to attract a substantial crowd.

A good solution for booths who are trying to attract attendees – and ultimately new consumers – is through a unique and interesting application of mobile technology. Search engine optimization and internet marketing professionals are aware that quick response codes, for example, have made a big splash at a number of marketing tradeshows in the past. QR codes allow for consumers to be more engaged in your product, as opposed to a pamphlet, which can be easily ignored.

Fortunately, you can also use mobile technology in a way that hasn’t been done before – or, at least, in ways that are uncommon and provoke interest.

You should also be aware of what a contagion a crowd around a booth can be at tradeshows. When someone sees a large crowd gathering around a single table, they naturally gravitate towards that table to see what the big deal is and find out what everyone one else is looking at. Scoring that initial crowd, even if it isn’t very big, can be instrumental in scoring larger crowds and keeping a steady flow of traffic to your booth throughout the day.

One way to build a crowd is to create a game with mobile technology. The game, if done right, engages the attendee with your brand, is memorable, and is a great conversation starter. It is crucial that your booth be memorable, as attendees will likely be seeing innumerable booths throughout the remainder of the day, all aimed at attracting their attention and business and all, inevitably, blurring together.

In building the mobile game, make sure that it is reasonably easy to play and not so challenging as to frustrate the player into giving up. The game must also be somehow tied to your brand. Testing out the game for any glitches, errors, or rough playability is advisable, which companies in SEO in California can attest to.

The ultimate success of capitalizing on a quick response campaign at tradeshow booth lies in letting attendees engage with their own smartphone devices. Implementing the idea of letting attendees engage with their own smartphones is a “smart” way to keep them interacting with you directly. You can use traditional mobile marketing tactics, such as text-to-win contents. You should also stay engaged on social media sites that allow attendees to check into your booth digitally.

Your employees don’t have to stay chained behind the booth. Send one or two employees out in the field with the latest piece of mobile technology that has the latest data and information at your fingertips.

An effective tradeshow booth is effective to every sensibility. Put just as much effort into the aesthetics of your tradeshow campaign as you would put into the written copy on your tablets.

Using mobile technology in your tradeshow is not only aesthetically pleasing, but allows you to distribute information easily and quickly to attendees. During the tradeshow, using mobile content allows you to digitally measure which content is most often viewed, allowing you to improve upon your content for future tradeshows.

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