How to Use Pinterest Wisely in Los Angeles Online Marketing

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.13.2012


As anyone involved in Los Angeles online marketing will tell you, the new social media site, Pinterest, is quickly becoming a giant in the social media world. It is becoming the latest way for businesses and individuals to market themselves in a way no other social media site does – by allowing users to upload visual queues, which are called “pins”, which link to photos and videos from all over the web. These pins are usually (or at least they should be) linked to the original source site.

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that allows you to share your links with other users. Thus the marketing potential for this social media device is unlimited, as Los Angeles marketing agencies will attest to. A business that has a strong presence on Pinterest has the opportunity to sell its brand, products, and services to Pinterest users in a way that is visually attractive and will increase traffic to its website – that is, if the business uses Pinterest correctly.

Any digital media advertising agency Los Angeles knows that any kind of free marketing you can get your hands on is certainly valuable, it’s just a matter of knowing how to use this technology responsibly and wisely. Because Pinterest is growing so rapidly, it is important to take advantage of this social marketing tool while it is still relatively unsaturated and not as competitive as Facebook or Twitter, where almost every business in the marketplace is competing to be heard.

By putting your brand on Pinterest, you are responsible for knowing how to market yourself in the best way that the Pinterest platform will allow. You should know what to pin and how. Although having high quality pictures in your Pinterest thumbnails is a great start, it isn’t enough: it should be supplemented with content.

Businesses should have multiple boards on hand, each in different categories by topic. You can also collaborate with other pinners and give them credit for their pins. Adding contributors not only brings more traffic to your partners, but also to you. Consider the traffic demographic of similar brands and see if you can’t get that same traffic directed to your site as well.

One of the most important aspects of being a responsible pinner is to use photos that are both of high quality and relevant to your content. Do not use blurry or too-small images, as poor images are far less likely to be repined and clicked. It may be worth it to shell out a few bucks for higher quality images of your products, as it will very likely lead to much more traffic.

If you are using content from other sites, always make sure to cite the original source. Write in the original source in the caption field below the photo when uploading it. Using the “@” sign before the pinner’s name will allow the original source to see that his or her information has been attributed.

Before pinning a link, make sure that the link works. Make sure it also isn’t a spam link, as Pinterest  keeps an eye out for and quickly eliminates “spammy” links.

Make sure to pin links that lead to web pages with content. Link to a relevant blog post, not a home page. And finally, don’t do all the promotion on your own. Make sure to repin and like other posts, as this is a community sharing site.  By using Pintrest properly, your business can supercharge its social media presence through the internet’s newest and most exciting platform for connecting with consumers.

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